Verbatim CD-R now made by Daxon

Hi folks! :slight_smile:

yesterday I popped into the local Harvey Norman to kill some time. It wasn’t long before I spotted the darker-blue-than-usual Verbatim slimline jewel case CD-R 10-packs. Intrigued, I examined a box. The place of manufacture was stated as Malaysia, a Daxon clue. Also, the © is now 2005.

I was left with no choice but to buy one box each of the old [CMC] and the new [Daxon] :bigsmile: Nero CD-DVD Speed confirmed Daxon as the manufacturer.

With my Lite-On 165P6S, a 650 MB ISO @ 52x took 2:48 with a max of 40x with the Daxon, and 2:24 with a max of 46.6x with the CMC Verbatims. With the quality scans, the Daxon easily wins out, on par with my BenQ CD-Rs which have done consistently very well, and are quite cheap to boot.

Unlike their DVDs, CMC have not done a great job with Verbatim’s CD-R production. Last year, I’d bought some of them and they weren’t that impressive. Overall, I’m quite happy with Verbatim’s decision to switch to Daxon. Hopefully, it’s a permanent move and time will prove this to be a good choice.

There’s two sources here in the UK the ones I have seen in (used to be Dixons) are MIJ and come in the same style of spindle as the TY DVDs I bought and the ones in slimline cases I have seen in WHSmith are MII. Therefore not all are made by Daxon.

Here in Australia, our sources are few and choices limited :frowning: Since DataLifePlus was discontinued, we’ve been getting CMC-made Verbatim CD-Rs and they’ve never come close to the DLP’s quality and performance. So it’s nice to see Verbatim move to a better source :iagree:

i should be getting some verbatim cd-rs today, will let you know what make they are when i get them :wink:

Are you Down Under, too? :slight_smile: Look for the three clues:

0] Darker shade of blue
1] Made in Malaysia
2] © 2005

im afraid not… im in england, but it will be good to see if they are here :wink:

The other Daxon discs are BenQ-branded, and just as good, IME. They should be cheaper, too :slight_smile:

Good luck :flower:

Curry’s or PCW, look out for the TY cakebox ;)…cakes of 50, BTW. :slight_smile:

didnt get them… they dont sell them around here… got some sony though

It’s now arachne, I still preferred the name Dixons :bigsmile: WHSmith sell the slimline ones they are MII though.

That’s odd that DatalifePlus has been discontinued for you. I can still get it… it’s still made by CMC, but it uses Verbatim’s Azo dye. The non-datalifeplus variety I can get is made by CMC, with their regular phthalocyanine dye, but to Verbatim’s quality control still.

My workplace ended up purchasing the non-datalifeplus CD-Rs however, since the Azo dye didn’t seem to agree with their LiteON based CD/DVD burning towers (I thought that issue had been resolved by LiteON!!).

There’s really only a penny or two difference in cost between the discs anyways… so maybe it’s just retail stores don’t care to stock a slightly more expensive disc??

Ooooh,, eh? Very posh :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

I was browsing in Maplin’s today, and saw some Verb Audio CDs…they were MIJ, but no way was I gonna pick any up, too expensive.

@haveacigar - I have some Sony CDRs at my mum’s, they’re not bad. Got a pretty good scan off one on my 1650 the other day. :slight_smile:

I seriously hope that is the case. Technically, there is one store chain I can still get the DLPs in jewel cases from, but they’ve vanished from the others, leading me to believe that Verbatim have discontinued them. Here’s a sample scan:

As you can see, it’s bloody good. The phthalocyanine variety does not produce satisfying scans:

This disc has since given me read errors towards the end.

So is assumption wrong about Verbatim discontinuing the Azo-dye DLP discs? Tell me I am! :iagree:

curse you and your benq… and your little dog too… well its pay day tomorrow… so guess what im ordering :D:D:D:D:D:D

There’s no problem getting Verbatim DataLifePlus (Crystal + Super AZO) CD-R media here in northern Europe (Denmark, Germany) so far.

The last Verbatim DL+ I got was Made in China, and I also see some DL+ Made in India in local shops.

But I think that Verbatims European, North American and Asian(?) branches are operating quite independently of each other, so I hardly think we can conclude anything about availability from one region to another.

Daxon made Verbarim CD-Rs have been available here in Singapore for some time. They come in cake boxes here and are also labelled “made in Malaysia”. I guess that is a pretty good indicator that any lot of Verbatim CD-Rs are made by Daxon.

These discs started to appear towards the end of 2005. There are several different grades of Verbatim CD-Rs available here and these are the lowest grade/cheapest. The highest grade have a MID of Verbatim, of course. Not sure who makes those but they are MIT, so either CMC or Prodisc, I guess. I’ve used a couple of pieces of those Daxon discs. They seem to be ok although I haven’t done any scans of them yet. If these are indeed the lowest grade Verbatims around, they are pretty good, I think.

Thanks! I’m going to buy some more Singapore media now. :clap:
Outsourcing sucks, I hope TY will start doing DVD+R DL soon.

As far as I’ve heard, TY has put no effort into R&D for DVD+RDL. Only DVD-RDL, and even that is looking like it might be unlikely at this point (but that could change).

Sigh. Such a big and successful company, giving away such an opportunity…
They should continue TYG02 and YUDEN000 T02 production and put effort into DVD+R DL because +R DL is much more compatible, as we all know. :frowning:

I wonder what the deal is with Verbatim Azo CD-Rs disappearing from the North American retail market. I grabbed a 50-disc spindle of Verbatim CD-Rs (94691) from Best Buy recently; the discs were in a CMC cakebox and made Mexico. I looked in the gap under the round paper on top of the discs and saw that there were several small clear plastic spacers, which in the past was pretty much a given the discs would be MCC ATIP (usually the CMC ATIP discs have the large white foam spacers). Unfortunately they still turned out to be CMC discs :a