Verbatim CD-R media made in China?

I have seen some Verbatim CD-R media in 50 pack spindles made in China. Does anyone know who manufactures these and how good they are?

They are made in CMC’s China plant. They only make CD-Rs there.

Verbatim CD-R media Made in China can be made by Prodisc with a Prodisc ATIP, made by CMC with a CMC ATIP or made by CMC with a Mitsubishi/Verbatim ATIP (Super Azo media). There may be other possibilities that I don’t know about.

The Verbatim Super Azo Made in China that I have are superb.

I have no Verbatim CD-R with CMC ATIP Made in China but my HP CD-R with CMC ATIP Made in China are average at best.

I have some Verbatim CD-R with Prodisc ATIP that are Made in China, and they’re OK but not as good as Verbatim Super Azo or Taiyo Yuden CD-R media.

I think that the ones I saw were not Super Azo media. Should these be avoided?

Not really, unless you want only the best CD-R media, and then you should get some Taiyo Yuden, Maxell Pro (also Taiyo Yuden), or Verbatim Super Azo media (or other media too hard to find IMO).

I have Verbatim Extra Protection Surface which are CMC and made in China, are these meant to bad or good, also which are the BEST cds to buy for next time?

Maybe Verbatim Extra Protection made in Japan or Verbatim Pastel, also made in Japan…

CMC are ok for everyday usage :slight_smile:

I have found that CMC MIT are OK burned at slower speeds like 16X. I have never had good luck with Chinese made media of any kind. Possibly this will change but I will only buy from China when there is absolutely no other choice.

Most of the CD-R media from Taiwanese manufacturers such as Ritek and CMC are made in China if they’re for export in Europe, due to tax and customs regulations. There is more Made in Taiwan CD-R in the US.

I still can find some Made in Taiwan CD-R media, Philips-branded CMC for example. Old stock? :confused:
But all the Verbs are MIC (CMC-coded), MII (MBI-coded and SuperAZO) or in extremely rare case MIJ (TY, of course ;)).

Yep, old stock I guess.
I’ve also seen some Imation 32x CD-R (CMC MIT) and 48x CD-R (CMC MIHK) not long ago, but nowadays CD-R from CMC that is for Europe is MIC.