Verbatim- buy or avoid?


I presently don’t have a pc burner yet even though the LG 4163 seems to be in the plans. I do have a stand-alone recd’r for now. In the past I’ve used the Verbatim DataLife Plus cd’s with good results but never tried their DVD’s. I see their DVD with slim cases and 50 pk printable offered at SAM’s and now this week Best Buy has the 50 pk(-/+) on sale. One reason I’m asking is on another forum some mentioned they had problems with the Verbatim bought at SAM’s.
Since I’m unable to do any testing via burner can someone tell me anything about the ones at Best Buy? Almost all the mfgrs at Best Buy are Taiwan made or at least here in Tennessee.Thanks for any input.

Kenny J.

Verbatim is one of the best dvd media in the market. If someone experience bad burns they are probably media variability, ie some bad ones within the batch, which unfortunately we can’t avoid.

NewEgg has a 100pk 8x DVD+R (I think) for $24.00 with free s/h after $25 rebite (yes, I always call it a rebite and not a rebate, jeje) :smiley:

Verbatim is the reference media used by recorder producers to test their quality. Therefore, if you have some trouble with verbatim, you have to send your recorder to get RMA and need not to change media.

avoid dvd-r x8 made in india
they really are very bad dvd’s , almost like princo :smiley:

LOL I fell off my chair when I read that, quema34 :eek:

I checked it up myself and it seems that the lifetime warranty for this batch is mysteriously not present, compared to other Verbatim DVD+/-R’s that cost ~50 cents per disc.

Possibly a batch of rebranded al cheapo media pretending to be the real thing?

Edit: I’ve checked the reviews and it seems the discs are identified as MCC003. Is this a cheap media?

as far as i understood (i don’t read much dvd-related stuff 'coz i don’t have a dvd-burner, yet) MCC003 is cheap, but OK for its price. but there are several “fakes” on the market, which name themselves MCC003 but with an absolutely horrible quality…
so, if it’s real mitsubishi MCC003 it’s not the best, but also not the most expensive - but it should normally be worth its money…

pls, correct me if i’m wrong - as stated above, i just tried to reproduce what i can remind from quick-reading some dvd-media threads…

MCC 003 is a very good media. If you get it through Newegg as Verbatim it is Genuine. I consider it as good as TY.

Lifetime warranty… LOL.

mcc 003 is one of the best 8x media out there with a good burner that is :slight_smile:

After the last batch i had of them avoid, 10 discs from 1 x 50 spindle with dye imperfections…if thats good i’ll stick with what i have thx.

And there aftersales are shocking, a letter with samples sent to there europe dept and numerous emails to various staff they’ve not even had the courtesy to reply :a

Watermark (I hate to agree but)
I had exactly the same problem with their 4x +r disks
Guaranteed for life, but it takes forever to get that guarantee honoured
(took me 6 months to get replacements)

Genuine Verbatim/Mitsubishi DVD media is pretty good for the Made In Singapore and made In Taiwan versions. The Made In Singapore ones are especially good. The quality of the made In Taiwan stuff was not that good in the past but apparently has improved quite a bit lately. I have used Verbatim DatalifePlus (pearl top) 8x DVD+R versions with my 4163B and they are good. Mine however, are made In Singapore. If the packaging doesn’t say where the discs were made, do not buy them.

I’ve had great results with MCC003. As mentioned before, as good as TY in my opinion. :slight_smile:

Concur !

16x Verbatim works OK with my LG 4163 :

Even a Liteon burns nice on MCC 003, I give my green light for it


How many times would you say you’ve ordered Verbatim from NewEgg (more or less offhand) and I would imagine they are the Made in Taiwan, right? How has the quality been with the 100pk or whichever spindles you normally buy?

I have purchased Verbatim from Newegg about 4 times, equally between the +R and the -R and always in the 100s. Some were made by CMC and the rest were Prodisc. The biggest risk seems to be with the -R as to the chances of getting CMC. Even the Verbatim from CMC is good though. BTW, the media code is the same for all three manufacturers that Verbatim uses, MCC. If your Plextor is good for the +R I would go for that. The other source for this is Amazon.

Oops. Looks like the rebate on the +R is over and switched to the -R. Keep looking back as these things change, many times more than daily.

Then, +R would be my route, since I’ve heard Dr.Pino say the px716a seems to like +Rs better. As he burns a lot, and you’ve corroborated it (also adding my experience with TY DVD+R Fuji MIJ), that sounds like a plan. :wink: