Verbatim burner- what the h*ll is it?

Hi all, n00b here,

This is so frustrating- I sure hope this is the place to find some answers.

My burner is acting very strange. Spins up & down during the burn process. May or may not be able to complete the burn- however, many times after it’s been running for like 10 min (!!!) it spits out the disk as “burn failed”- yet the disk is fine. Other times I’ve been able to click “cancel-then continue” & it manages to finish. Happens no matter the speed, media, background programs disabled, etc… Just replaced a dead CD-ROM with this & it’s been a big pain in the @$$ ever since got it in there. I thought perhaps a firmware flash but I don’t dare since I can’t figure out what it actually is?

I wrote to their support site to explain the thing & they wrote back next day saying to give them my info- they’d send an RMA- that was two days ago now? May or may not ever hear back- who knows?

The burner:

Purchased at Officemax recently.
Box says “48x12x48x”- Part# VBT481248A.

Face has “CD-RW” on the lefthand side (w/headphone jack, vol., & activity light). Righthand side says “48x24x48” (not 48x12x48- as stated on the box). It has two buttons below that- one is eject & one is “play” (never saw that on a drive before?). :confused:

In Nero, under “recorder”:

Atapi CD-RW 48x24
Firmware: D.IC (WTF?)
Overburn: supported
Buffer underrun: Seamless Link

Also shows something called “auto-pilot” enabled- what is that?

Sorry if I sound perturbed- I am. I don’t mind if Cendyne or Verbatim sticks their names on the box but it shouldn’t be this diffcult to find out what you actually have.

My PC: ECS mb w/VIA KM266, XP Pro, AMD Athlon XP 1600, 512DDR, 120GB & 60GB ATA133 HD’s, ATI AIW 8500 128,SB 5.1.

TIA for any help with this- it’s very much appreciated!:slight_smile:

your drive is a benq 4824 - the drive comes in 2 models - one using mediatek chip (p version), one using the ricoh chip (w version) - i believe yours is a p version - you can flash yours to firmware for 52x24x52 functionality if you wish.

That now makes 3 different drives being packaged as Verbatims, Benq, ASUS and LiteOn.

Hey JS-

Right after I posted here, I went online & used Google images to try to locate the “look”-

I do believe you’re correct- BenQ.

Am I screwed on the drive? Know nothing about them? Other than they used to be Acer & I have a nice scanner from Acer.

Any way for me to figure out whether Ricoh or Mediatech?

I’m not so much interested in extreme speed as much as I am in proper burning- period.

Your thoughts?


the fact that your firmware is states that your drive is a benq 4824p - which utilizes the mediatek chip. you can flash it into a 5224p drive using the MTKWINFLASH utility with the bin of a 5224P model or you may also be able to use the firmware upgrade from their website. i flashed using the firmware right from their website. the drive shows up as a 52x24 drive in nero infotool, along with all of the other burning programs. i have written 700 mb data in under 3 minutes showing no errors in nero cdspeed. good luck mom and have a nice mother’s day.

Just out of curiosty what did the CDROM drive die off ?

Did you install the drive with the same configuration as the previous CD-ROM.

Have you tried the CDRW drive just on it’s own in the computer with no other CD/DVD drives attached ?

It “might” not be a firmware problem…

Hi you all-

Thanks for all the great info on the Verbatim/BenQ drive. :bow:

My old CD-ROM just died of old age- making noises, unable to read properly, etc… I picked this one up for $10 after rebate so I’m not out much if it turns out to be defective. However, I still think that Verbatim should replace/repair it as it’s only 2 months old.

I attached this drive as before but with a new IDE cable (whole system). I’ll do as you suggest, Rocky, and try it on it’s own w/o my DVD-ROM attached- see what that does.

I’m not lazy- just hate to disturb my beautiful, pristine case innards… ;^)

Thanks again all- I’ll let you know when/if I actually see that RMA from Verbatim. That initial response from them may have been a mistake? A new support guy who didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to actually “help” people-- LOL!

Are you by chance running WinXP? If so, make sure that DMA is still functioning on all drives.

Glad to find all this info… I also just bought a verbatim drive. I havet hooked it up yet but…

I do have Lite-On burner and Plextor but this weekend when I went to Best Buy and saw this drive for $20 (after rebates) 52X24X52 I just had to get it. Came here to find out what I just bought.

Yes, RDG-

DMA is still “on”. The way this unit behaves really makes me think “defective”. I’m going to try to get to it today- try another cable, try on it’s own, etc… I have another burner to hook up also- that would tell me right off if it’s the placement or not.

So many variables in a PC- I’m not overly perturbed about the occasional glitch. This just stinks due to the “secret” manufacturer business. Then everyone wants to send you in circles for the proper support.

Thanks again for all the tips & info. I’m at lest well-armed now when I get a hold of tech support ( someday…).



your verbatim drive may have been manufactured by a number of different cdrw companies. what is the firmware of the drive? that will aid in determining the manufacturer.