Verbatim Burned CD-R



Has the Pioneer 107-D got a problem with writing to verbatim or something only the results have come out terrible!!
I burned an audio CD and listened to the result to find the skip in the playback was a bit after when it was on the pc, ill give u an example of a garage song i had.

What i want to know is what caused it to be different after it had been burned?
I have attached sound files to this too of a sample of how they sounded b4 and after the burn.
Whats the real media code to verbatim and how do i find out if these r fakes?

The reason im worried about the mp3 burned prob i had is in case all these movies im burning may be out of sync.

Was it a bad brand of media is that y the sound on that mp3 was in a different place?
For a drive to read the transfer rate 100% on a different computer, would the mp3 sound the same as it did b4 it went on cd on a drive that logs no errors?


This was the info on the ‘Verbatim CD’ Isit a fake?




ne know??