Verbatim branded CMC Magnetics CD-R 48x Scan


Verbatim branded CMC Magnetics CD-R 48x.

How does it look? What speed should i use for music and data?

Burned @48x with SolidBurn On/On WOPC On

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : CD-R
Manufacturer: : CMC Magnetics
MID : 97m26s66f
Write speeds: : 12 X - 16 X - 24 X - 32 X - 40 X - 48 X
Capacity: : 79:59.71
: 703 MB
Extended Information
Usage : General
Disc Status : Closed

it`s verbatim Japan CD-R? with 5 diffrent color?

if yes, so i think they are good media, i have them and they work fine.
and for music i would burn it on <24X for max quality :bigsmile:

It’s not Japanese. CMC Magnetics manufactures their media in Taiwan and China.
These are also not Pastel Disc.

SolidBurn has no effect on CD-R burns AFAIK.

That’s a nice result.

The jitter starts increasing at approximately the point where the speed goes above 40x. For this reason and from general experience with burning CD-R media, I would burn data at no faster than 40x with this drive and media, but I would prefer burning at 32x.

For music I suggest burning at 16x which is the fastest CLV speed and should in theory produce as constant jitter as possible.

They are MIT CD-Rs…


I somewhere seem to recall that BenQ will not scan for C2 errors. In any case, DrageMester gives good advice. I have burned a ton of these CDs as they are close to 90% of what the “name brand” people provide here and they are just average as to the C2 errors. I tend to keep the burn speed under 20X as my Plextor Premium throttles back when it reaches too many errors and I noticed it would never burn this media over 24X.

BenQ drives (1655/1650/1640/1620/…) don’t report C2 errors during reading/ripping.

They do however report C2 errors during scanning.

In a normal Disc Quality Scan, a BenQ drive will report only E32 errors as C2, in other words it reports only uncorrectable C2 errors (just like most other drives).

In an Advanced Disc Quality Scan, a BenQ drive reports all the individual C1 and C2 errors separately and also adds up C1 errors as BLER=E11+E21+E31.

This makes a BenQ Advanced Disc Quality Scan the most detailed single scan available for CD media using non-professional equipment.

I can only second this input… :iagree: :iagree:

That’s what I thought, back before the advanced quality tab the Plextor was the best choice. Thanks for the update on the BenQ. Shame they are gone.