Verbatim blurays by mitsubishi chemical media, are they decent for a verbatim?

I’m pretty sure they’re made in Japan, and I recall them being alright in the dvd days (cmc magnetics was one to avoid iirc)

Japan-made? The only Japan-made BD-Rs I saw were Double Layer by Panasonic and old Single Layer 2x. Hard to find these days.

My other Verbatims were made by CMC, mostly with CMC-MID

The dual layer verbatims are MKM, the single layers CMC.

MKM made by CMC?

Nope.! Since mkm are better than cmc, I guess I should just buy dual layer only from now on? (The price per gb isn’t much more)

Are you sure it´s not made in Taiwan by CMC with Verbatim-MID?

What is really the difference between those dark BLUE and the WHITE japanese packages/spindles ?? Only thing I notice is that different background color on the plastic wrapping…

I cannot understand any of the text, but both spindles are 6x printable it seems. And they are both 180minutes.

  • Anyone have a clue about this ?

PS: Some time ago I found some silly cheap 5packs of Verbatim MDISC blurays (US$25 per 5pack), 100GB Mdiscs that is (!), which I bought just for the fun of it - and is written ‘made in Japan’ on the outer cardboard box - is that for real, and who really makes them ?