Verbatim becoming part of CMC

Hugh’s News has posted a press release indicating that Verbatim is being acquired from Mitsubishi by CMC.

Doesn’t seem terribly surprising considering how much Verbatim has outsourced to CMC in recent years. Still, end of an era and all of that. May my inventory of old (non-CMC) Verbatim media not self-destruct in response to this news.

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After MBI ODD had gone, this is not the biggest surprise.

But will FTI still produce DL media after that?

And will CMC continue to produce TY-MIDs and own MIDs?

This is another bad news situation for those who rely on good quality media.

Other then FTI you also have M-Disc that has dealings/contracts with Verbatim. What will happen to that?

Based on what happened to TY media quality after CMC took over, it isn’t looking too good. Better stock up on what you need personally at least. Those who are in the business of duplication etc. are not going to be happy about this news.

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Hm, did you test the quality of CMC-made TY?

This is far better than many lately posted results with original TY.

Also better than almost all other media which are available these days. MCC-media, no matter if from CMC or MBI are also MUCH more worse. MBI-media have bad results, FTI-own-media is more worse than some of my China-Fakes of MCC and TYG

Only my Piodata and CMC AM3 can also have good quality.

I haven’t purchased any since I have older TY and newer FTI for my duplicating/printing needs.

I was being told by people that were using it (duplicating them) that it didn’t seem to be as good/reliable. At least the batches they received (bad batches maybe?). So they were moving to Verbatim. Maybe things have changed or improved since then.

In the future I will test some out to see if they really are the best.

Now if CMC can duplicate the quality of the original media without an issue or even improve the quality, then that is a different story. As long as they keep it going.

Well, I was also careful and wait long time before I bought the CMC-TY. But after I was disappointed from almost all other available media I tried CMC-TY and was surprised about the good results. I used in the past original TY 16x from Plextor and JVC, the results weren´t always better than with the CMC-TY.

About FTI:

I think I will stick to the JVC TY DVD+R for now, which I can still buy. From my experience these discs are not much better than the Verbatim DVD+R AZO made by CMC, but they are usually much more consistent in quality when burned with drives that they like them. I have not tried the TY DVD-R made by CMC, but the results I have seen are not better than the results with the JVC discs.

Maybe, but here the CMC-TY are much easier to find and much cheaper. JVC-TY are rare and very expensive, at least with shipping

If I ever come across with either the CMC or the Ritek made TY discs I will give them a try, but for now I can’t buy them locally and I am not getting into the trouble ordering online, since I can buy Verbatim discs at a lower price.

Ritek-TY is not available here, not even online

Locally I can get Verbatim, Intenso, Platinum and Edeka (Discounter, MBI or Ritek). Not the best choice if I can get much better CMC-TY online and cheaper

How much do you pay for the CMC made TY discs?

On the last order i get 100 blank DVD-R for 19,99€ and had a voucher for the shop. Locally I have to pay 14,99-16,99€ for a 50pcs Verbatim-Cakebox. And my last bought Verbatim weren´t not good, I´m sure you saw some of my scans

I think local prices are about the same, but 19,99€ is not bad for 100 CMC made TY discs. Best price I ever found for Verbatim was a little less than 10€ for 50 discs on clearance. I bought around 10 cakeboxes at that price, but I should have bought more.