Verbatim BD-Rs burned in 2013 going bad

I just bought a new Samsung SH-B123L-SB02 and decided to run quality tests on some of my old BD-Rs. I checked some that were burned 3/13 and the quality looked horrible at the end. The scan errored out before it could complete. I also scanned it and found a bad sector. I did a quality test of the other BD-Rs that I burned at about the same time and all looked to be relatively good until near the end where it railed. Unfortunately, I don’t have a baseline for what the scans looked like when I first burn’t them no did I burn any other BD-R media at this time. To see if we could rule out the burner as the issue. I did check a Verbatim DVD-R that I burned at the same time and that looked super clean. I would think this would rule out any mechanical issue with the burner. Now I’m having to go through akk my 4 year old BD-Rs and reburn them :frowning:

How are they stored?

Hi Albert,

They were stored in caselogic binder holding about 250 DVDs. The front of the DVD holder is plastic while the back is like a black feltish material. Stored in my home office (near constant room temp). Binder not exposed to direct sunlight.

I checked another Ritek BD-R. This one was burned 5/10 with the same burner. I don’t have any other media burned close to the same date as the Verbatim. This is the best I could do. The quality profile looks to be the same. Namely, gets very bad near the end. Maybe, we can conclude not a media issue? Maybe, a burner or storage issue? Why is it always bad near the end? Burned DVD-R media look fine during this time.

People have reported that storing BDR in some binders may result in a pattern seemingly being imprinted into the disc itself. If you have a very strong direct light source, check the back/bottom of the discs to see if any pattern is visible.

Outside of that, if the storage is in a sleeve where the discs end of pressed tightly together, maybe opt for jewel cases; the pressure may be warping the discs ever so slightly. Try to let a few discs rest outside of the case to see if they improve on their own.

Ever since reading this article I’ve seen this on my binder enclosed BD-R disks too:

Since then i exclusively store such disks in cakeboxes/spindles enclosed within a non-transparent box along with a few humidity controlling bags. The disks get ventilated once in a while for odour build up. There’s a discussion thread on this somewhere on Myce.

Wow this is very interesting stuff and could actually be the issue. I have several case logic binder that can store more than 250 disc each. They are heavy. I have them stacked horizontally 2 binders high. Horizontally because I didn’t want the sheets of disks tearing away from the binding if I had the binders sitting vertically.

It does seem that the BD-Rs are more sensitive to this then the DVR-Rs.

Below RitekG03 burned 11/10. Stored under same conditions using same burner.

Below TYGO2 burned 4/09. Stored under same conditions using same burner.

I believe this is probably the issue. Stacking them. I have a lot of BD-R and DVD-R so jewel case probably not a good a solution. I’ll switch to having the binders to having the binders to vertical.

I stopped stacking binders horizontally years ago due to weight considerations (for any sort of disk) + the pressure of the zipped binders alone = a lot of physically uneven strain on the disks.

DVDs have their data enclosed within the middle of the disk, whilst BD-Rs have their data layer close to the bottom of the disk (CDs have the data layer towards the top of the disk). These physical aspects of disk construction are sometimes considered by others for long term storage and durability of the disks.

You may want to consider enclosures such as these

Personally I find spindles/cakeboxes to be both space efficient and optimal for physical storage (as long as they’re kept away from sunlight.