Verbatim BD-R SL 25GB 6x 10 Pack Spindle

Does anyone know what is the mid of the above media? Are these of HTL type?

Don’t know the mid code, but there is a MABL designation on the top, assuming the picture accurately illustrates the discs you’ll be getting. This means they are HTL at least.

LTH would be written on the cakebox, so this have to be HTL. LTH are very rare since years.

If the picture is the right one it should be VERBATIMe . But these media is also hard to find since years (bought my last 2013), maybe it´s CMC MAG BA5 (but this media shouldn´t have the MABL-logo)

The photo should be accurate, but does Verbatim use HTL media from a different manufacturer?

Yes, my Verbs without MABL-logo are CMC MAG BA5

And I guess the Made in Taiwan with MABL-logo are also made by CMC with Verbatim-MID