Verbatim BD-R HTL degradation - Stop to burn forever!

after few years I can see a great degradation of my Verbatim HTL BD-Rs (Pioneer BDR-209)



I have the same behaviour in a lot of my Verbatim HTL BD-Rs and now I understand that the best thing to do is to stop burning other BD-Rs forever :frowning:

I wouldn’t generalize, for example this is a re-scan i did 1 month ago of a verbatim CMCMAGBA5 burned 24-03-2017 (back then it had AVG LDC 5.75 and MAX LDC 463)

and it’s not my best case,
this is another re-scan (i made 1month ago) of a CMCMAGBA3 dated 25-05-2016:

Thank you for your feeback.
I see that you select a lower speed for the test then I rescanned the BD at lower speed and I obtained a better result:

Normally I always use the maximum speed to test my BDs (8x) then for me the quality downgrade behaviour of Verbatim CMC is confirmed.

Please, can you rescan your BD at 8x and post here the result for the comparison?

here a re-scan at 8x, between 1 or 2 months passed since i rescanned it at 6x but overall (time, dust, use, and other things…) it’s quite similar, a part from avg ldc that went from 12 to 15 (that doesn’t change the acceptable state the bdr is after 3 years)

Thanks you so much :wink:
Then perhaps my bd reader has a problem at 8x speed.
If is possibile I will try with another BD reader device and see.

The accuracy of disk scan results between different makes and models is something that at one time was discussed rather deeply in certain circles here. Ie among those that participated in write strategy changes for certain media types to achieve either faster burns OR superior write accuracy.

I did not and still don’t have the tools to do that stuff - but there are still many members still here that WERE principle helpers in that process. May members beta-tested write strategies for lots of different media types - and a certain “Liggy and Dee” “Super Wiz-Bang Crew” were able to help us ALL get really great writes, often IMPROVED quality writes, and sometimes with speeds ABOVE what the media was rated by the manufacturer at the time.

There were a few high quality 8X DVD writable MIDS that wrote WAY better at 12x, as an example.

We were all so old back then.

{sigh} :smiley:

I understand well now the behaviour:
-the read issue appears for most of my bdr when I use the 12x speed (and not 8x like I wrote before)
-the issue is always at the end part of the disk (where we are near the 12x max speed)
-I have this behaviour with my Pioneer 209dbk and also with my liteon bd drive
-when I burned the bdr I didn’t have this issue

At the end my conclusion is that bdr disks (in my case Verbatim disk) (excluded M-Disk) are not a good choice to save data for a middle(2-3 years) and long time then now I will buy a 8TB hdd a store my data in it and stop to buy bdr disks.

Scanning at such a high speed is more a test of the reading drive than the disc quality.