Verbatim BD-R 4x or 6x

I just bought an LG BH10LS30, which hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m wondering if there’s any opinion as to what discs people are having better results with between the Verbatim BD-R rated at 4x and the 6x Verbatims? The discs are still a little too expensive at this point for me to go off and do my own testing, especially if I can get away with borrowing somebody else’s experience…

I have used 2x and 4x verbatim media, and so far i had no issues. So i would choose the ones that are cheaper, and save some money.

Well the 2x is out because my preferred e-tailer doesn’t carry it, but they carry both the 4x and 6x and there’s only $1 difference between them for a pack of 10 discs. So it’s down to quality for me.

Both should have good quality, maybe you might want also to hear another opinion, and then make your decision.

I also tried 2x and 4x Verbs, I think You will be completely happy with 4x. They also can be overspeed to 8x if You ask about speed. I think quality wise, they not much different (both great). I also used a lot of LTH Verbatims, and I am very happy with them.

The 6X Verbatims have been burning a bit cleaner than the 4X in my WH10LS30 recently. You will find scans here and here. As others have said, you are not likely to have trouble with either one.