Verbatim batch to batch variation

It’s amazing just how 50 pks of Verbatim +R’s(MCC004) can vary batch to batch. I always envied the scans I saw on here, rarely getting total PIF’s under 100 myself. I average between 200-700 most of the time, which I know is still pretty good, and I have a pretty good system, just was never able to obtain unbelievable scans until the most recent pack I bought at Offixe Max when they were on sale last week. I do a lot of burning and have two systems, a BenQ 1655 in one and a BenQ 1650 in another, previously 1640’s in each. I always have WOPC enabled and SB off for known media, no overburning. I went back and bought 4 more spindles, even though there is a small chance I will get the same results.

Edit - I should add the TRT’s were fine as well!

Awesome PIF. Please post the serial from the clear portion of the center hub so we can see if they are CMC or Prodisc. Also, what speed did you burn at?

Second that, can’t get much better. :clap:
But then, we are talking about BENQ, great burners. :wink:

I would say this is my general gripe with the 1640/50/55 BenQ drives and the Verbatim +R discs. They sometimes produce stellar results with a pack of discs, but finding a pack that burns this well (with PIF below 30) is quite often 1 out of 15 with the retail stock at OfficeMax and BestBuy. The 1620 I have never yields stellar results, but yields 96-97% burns typically.

So uh, what’s your gripe with Benq drives? :confused:

And your problem is …? :confused:

[B]Dalen Quaice:[/B]

Isn’t this more an issue with the media rather than the drive?

If you have other drives, can they give improved writing results compared to what your BenQs can do?

My conundrum is I want 99%, Class 1 burns more frequently with the media that is available to me and fewer coasters. The BenQ drives, particularly the 1640/50/55 are picky about what media they like… often discs that don’t burn well (say 50% quality) on the BenQ burn fine (96-97%) on other drives. So [I]is it the drive[/I] or [I] is it the discs[/I] - or a little of both.

I don’t understand?? I have been buying verbatim+r 16x since they started coming out. and they have all been mcc004 made buy mitsubitsi chemical company

This is about the furthest thing from the truth… :confused: If you’re getting burns with a 50% ‘quality score’, it’s likely poor media.

[B]Dalen Quaice:[/B]

If you want 99%, class 1, simple answer is to use media which is best supported by your writer & choose optimal writing speed to achieve this. Only problem is such media is hard to find consistently at this time :wink:

As for your final comment/question, both can influence the final writing result. What media give these poor results on BenQ but better on other drives?


MCC004 is not manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation/Mitsubishi Kagaku Media any longer, they outsourced all production to 3 other manufacturers. CMC/Prodisc of Taiwan & MBI of India. The serial number will reveal the source of the MCC004 you have bought.

@TL0 - Batches of the Verbatim MCC 004, from Office Max/Best Buy. If it were entirely the discs fault, they should be in theory crap on other drives… but they are not always.

I don’t think I’ve had a single Class 1 99% burn yet with any drive or media. And I don’t think I’ve ever had a scan with less than 30 PIF.

Perhaps you should be happy about the amazing burns you’re getting instead of complaining that some of your burns are not amazing?! :wink:

[B]Dalen Quaice:[/B]

Interesting experience, do you have some scans showing this issue?
For consistency, MCC004 is quite variable, I prefer Taiyo Yuden T02 if I am looking for relative writing consistency and excellent write strategy support on BenQ drives (especially 1620).

Though compared to older media (RicohJPN R01), current media just is not as consistent in my experience.

Don’t know where you get yours but all mine are mitsubishi chemical company, Sorry about your luck, Just kidding. but all mine check out to be mitsubishi. And i just got more last week.

@TLO - I used to use RicohJPNR01 - and it worked very well disc to disc with the BenQ. However, I can’t seem to find it anymore. :frowning:

@DrageMester - I only want perfection. Is that too much to ask? :wink:

[QUOTE=Dalen Quaice@DrageMester - I only want perfection. Is that too much to ask? ;)[/QUOTE]
Yes. Try scanning a brand new pressed disc. You’ll be surprised at how “ugly” the scan results will be. :wink:

@phil - ouch!

@ phil - Ok, I think this is the first time I’ve ever scanned a pressed DVD-5. This is a brand new one that was shipped to me today from Netflix. It was pressed by Technicolor.

Not as bad as I was expecting… the jitter is certainly nice! Advanced Test reports: Class 2.