Verbatim AZO?

What’s all the commotion about the AZO series being phased out? It’s practically still everywhere.,3667&webid=624181&affixedcode=WW


Its disappeared from local stores in many areas. Good luck finding it in W. Texas for instance. The only store that carried it in the last few years was Best Buy, and now they only have “Life Series” and extremely overpriced Movie Reel -R 8x disks.

The same sort of reports have been coming in for well over a year for other local stores.

The problem isn’t that it has disappeared altogether. The problem is there are very few brick and mortar stores that have it available. When newcomers to this site come in looking for recommendations on media, there is no easy solution anymore. Many people do not want to order media over the net.

So they are out of production and all that are out there are leftovers?

Not that I am aware of, no. Verbatim has just made a deal with CMC Magnetics to have them supply a great many of their disks sold in retail channels.

If you want the AZO Verbies, you have to go looking for them online. Or you might happen to live near a store that will still stock them, like Fry’s.

Fry’s doesn’t always stock them either though I haven’t gone there in a long time but most times their latest ads show Life series and not Azo.
I stocked up with 200 plus and 200 minus while Office Max was still putting the good ones on sale and now all the normal stores here sell mostly TDK, Memorex, or the Life series stuff and I don’t think any of those are worth buying as they are all the same so so CMC crap, for the same price as you used to be able to get the good quality disks. The stores make more profit and we get inferior disks but most users don’t have a clue so I doubt that will change soon unless folks refuse to buy it. I don’t burn many disks now what with a media player on the network so my stocks should last me a LONG time now anyways.

I use JVC/Taiyo Yuden 8x Premium Line (professional grade) DVD-R media in all my Panasonic, Magnavox, Philips, PYE and Toshiba standalone recorders. These TY discs are sometimes priced as low as $25 for a spindle of 100, with free shipping at SuperMediaStore:

Verbatim still produces 8x DataLifePlus AZO (professional grade) discs but those are higher priced than TY, at SuperMediaStore:

I reserve 16x DVD-R media for duplication or computer use.

For quality duplication I use 16x Taiyo Yuden or 16x Verbatim AZO series DVD-R media. For ordinary duplication I use 16x Maxell or 16x Sony media.

For immediate duplication and distribution of short-interest material (say, two weeks to six months) I use 16x Magnavox, 16x TDK, 16x Verbatim Life Series media–all landfill grade CMC media. (Other inferior CMC media is sold under the Memorex, Imation, Philips and HP brand names, among several others.) These CMC brands are often found in retail stores at $12.99 for a spindle of 100 discs. CMC brands are not suitable for archival recording or critical data storage.