Verbatim, ASDA Roll Back

ASDA has Verbatim DVD-R/+R 25 spindles for £6.95 instead of £8.97 and the 50 spindles for £10.95 instead of £12.

Not sure how long for or not, had the roll back tags on the price labels. Had the CD-Rs as well but I didn’t check the price.

That’s a really good deal.

I bought 100 Verbatim DVD-R on offer in Maplin’s a few months ago for £19.99.

Still have a good few of them left but I’ll top up on those and get some more from Asda.

Thanks! :flower:


If that deal has gone; There seems to be a deal on Verbatims for about £17 on Amazon, with free delivery. Once my Maxell RitekF1 have dried up, I’ll consider taking up this deal :iagree: