Verbatim Archival Grade DVD-R - thoughts?

Just browsing over SVP, as I sometimes do, and I saw these Verbatim Archival Grade 8x DVD-Rs, with among other things, a printable surface, gold/silver reflective layer and scratch guard data side.

I’m considering buying a pack of these for some long term video storage, that and I’m rather curious about them regardless.

Does anyone have any thoughts or observations about these puppies?

Edit: page is here:

I like those puppies but I have only burned a couple of discs so far (saving them for the most important stuff). Mine were from Nierle.

Similar to Drage, burnt only 6 discs from the 25 package so far. :bigsmile: I use them for frequently used setup discs.

Great discs IMO. The scratchproof layer is incredibly tough, these discs stay in pristine condition despite heavy use and rough handling. Top-notch performance. Total satisfaction for me. :cool:

Just don’t expect T02-like scans (but who cares of T02-like scans except misguided users or over-obsessive CDFreaks :stuck_out_tongue: ).