Verbatim Archival Grade, are genuine?


I had brought a Verbatim Archival Grade 25 printable x DVD-R - 4.7 GB 8x. Made in Taiwan:

The number on the back: ZE0076-DVR-147C

The serial in the plastic part of the front:
8049E3411-00350W06 or 8049E3415-00364W06 or 8049E3414-00371W06 or …

Are these genuine or fakes?

Thank you very much

Those should be genuine Verbatim Archival Grade made by Prodisc in Taiwan.

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I´m trying to get a picture, but don´t know how to connect my mobile phone to the pc.

The plastic draws on both sides are different, aren´t like the pics from the Verbatim website, pic two or three.

Can anyone confirm this or the serials?

[QUOTE=soneto;2277541]Can anyone confirm this or the serials?[/QUOTE] The serials are the type used by Prodisc and the stamper code is the type used by Verbatim.

Verbatim use (or have used) Prodisc for outsourced manufacturing of the Verbatim Archival Grade DVD-R.

These are genuine discs.

Are you completely sure that are genuine because the serials are correct?

Pioneer DVR-216D 1.09: burned 4x

Verbatim archival grade 1

I think don’t look so good.

Pioneer DVR-216D 1.09: burned 4x

Verbatim archival grade 2


Pioneer DVR-216D 1.09: burned 6x

Verbatim made in India

A little better?

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There might be dust, dirt, fingerprints or scratches on some of your discs.
Try looking at the data surface under a strong artificial light.