Verbatim AquaAce vs. Verbatim Glossy

Has anyone heard or experienced the difference in quality between these two brands on of media.



I am currently using TYG03- Watershields but I am looking to make a change and I don’t want to buy 2 spindles off the bat.

JOe K.

Wrong forum, but here goes:

AquaAce is 8x media, glossy is 16x.

AquaAce is a high-gloss finish almost identical to TY Watershield. Gloss is more of a “satin” finish and very different looking, but also very nice looking.

AquaAce is hub-printable, glossy is not.

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I think I am going to give the glossy’s a shot.

[QUOTE=CDan;2222855]Wrong forum[/QUOTE]

which forum should have this gone in?

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JOe K.

[QUOTE=tjcinnamon;2223142]…which forum should have this gone in?[/QUOTE]

This is the correct forum. I have no idea why CDan said that. :rolleyes:

This was in the testing forum, but was moved.