Verbatim announces world’s 1st Color-background LightScribe DVDRs (Press Release)

I just posted the article Verbatim announces world’s 1st Color-background LightScribe DVDRs (Press Release).

Verbatim Announces World’s First Color-background LightScribe DVDRs Vibrantly Colored Discs Combine 4.7GB Capacity on DVD’s Storage Side with Direct-to-Disc Burning of Silkscreen-quality…

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Will it work with every LS-drive or need I newer 1.2 or higher versions of a drive?

yawn…lightscribe will never overtake inject printing directly onto discs until lightscribe can do multiple colors and won’t fade over time.

SilverBlade2k, your right, i am disappointed to see some of my discs fade over time even in a spindle were they are not getting much air.

Too bad Verbatim’s quality has gone somewhere south of CMC Mag. Why do I get the impression everytime I burn a Verbatim disc these days that they were the ones that bought up all those Princo factories after they got hammered?