Verbatim announces white inkjet-printable DVD+R DL media for 2.4x-6x DL drives

I just posted the article Verbatim announces white inkjet-printable DVD+R DL media for 2.4x-6x DL drives.

Verbatim Announces White Inkjet-printable DVD+R DL Media for 2.4x-6x DL
NC (July 14, 2005) '“ Verbatim Corporation, the market leader in high-quality
printable media,…

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thats £5 each, what a joke!!! if your buying a bulk 20 pack you would expect it to be about £3 by todays rates. im not gunna get a single dual layer disc until they are below £1.80, currently are about £2.70 for 2.4x +r.

You’d wanna be crazy to shell out that amount for overpriced DL media. I can think of far better ways to spend $169 :wink:

The media costs more than the burner!! Same with printers… What make the double layer media cost that high? Are there no competition yet?:frowning:

If you think this is expensive, you’d better not look at the price of blu-ray discs next year.

Almost $9 a disc? That’ll buy 25ish single-layer discs. Triple-Ouch! Maybe one day, before it’s obsolete, I’ll be able to try out the two dual-layer drives I put in my new machine.

Well - they’re expensive because of a lack of competition, the precision equipment required for manufacture and the low yield rate and low demand. Yes, they are more expensive, and I wouldn;t buy any at current rates, but I end up spending more on media than my burner - that’s the way it is. I wonder why they haven’t mentioned 8x DL Burning - like on 1640