Verbatim announces new DigitalMovie DVD recordable discs

I just posted the article Verbatim announces new DigitalMovie DVD recordable discs.

Verbatim® Corporation announced today a new family of DigitalMovie™ 1x-4x speed DVD Recordable media with the unique look of a movie reel. Like Verbatim’s popular Digital Vinyl™…

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Don’t most DVD disk cost 1 dollar per disc ( 75 cents if you shop around in bulk). So isn’t the real news here is that you can get 3 discs for 99 cents, only 33 cents per disk? Sounds great to me, I guess it’s way overdue I get a 4x DVD burner now.

Oops, it was the dollar bug that struck again, the right price is now there, which is $ 11.99 per 3 pack

And someone’s arithmetic needs work. 15 minutes at 4X? I think not. More like 30 minutes.

hey baysidebas, at 4x it’s 15 minutes, at 2x it’s 30 minutes, and a 1x it’s 60 minutes:)

Could you list a site that has DVDs for $ 1 or less?
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Dumb question. I like these DVD’s I wonder if there are super jewel box printing programs?

Hey Baysidebas, I think your brain needs some work :stuck_out_tongue: