Verbatim announces DataLifePlus 8x speed DVD+R media

I just posted the article Verbatim announces DataLifePlus 8x speed DVD+R media.

Verbatim announce the
latest in DVD recording8x DVD+R Media
reduces recording time again!
First to market with high speed
DVD technologies, Verbatim is pleased to announce the availability…

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I already saw these at best buy on tuesday. They are expensive though 20 bucks for a 10 pack pretty expensive but it’s quality

I write at 8x on their 4x media and they are great. Low error rates.

Huh? I thought that these have been floating around for a while now…?

To be honest I thought so too but the press release was sent to us yesterday and was dated from March 25th.

well yeah, they say they’re available at retail, so it seems they waited for the retail channel to be filled before releasing a press release. Very smart, IMO. Immediate availability. More companies should be doing this instead of making announcements a month or more in advance of the product hitting shelves.