Verbatim AND Taiyo Problems? Please assist

I’m a relative beginner at backing up my DVD collection, but I did attempt to read as much as possible before beginning. I’m using the latest version of DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to create my backps. I’m using Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim DataLifePlus as my media. Despite this,according to my quality test my discs are rather poor. I cannot get a quality above 90, and my TOTAL PI errors seems extremely high. I’ve seen many screenshots of people with average PI errors averaging 20-40, but I cannot seem to get below 70. Please see below.

PLEASE-Any suggestions on increasing my burn quality would be greatly appreciated. I’m beginning to wonder if it is even worthwhile to backup my movie collection on DVDs. The rot rate of optical media seems to be within a few years, so I’m starting to think maybe its better to just make DivX or Xvid compressed files and keep them on a hard disk. Either that, or RAR the actual ISOs and leave them on a hard drive.

1st attachment: Verbatim Results

2nd attachment: Taiyo Yuden Results

try to burn at a lower speed, i burn at 4x.

I burn all my discs at 2x or 4x.

Slower does not equal better. Most DVD media usually burns considerably better at or near its rated speed. Those 16x-R Verbatims would be better @ 8-12x and the Yudens @ 8x. Reason being the dye used is optimized for a faster burning speed, not slower.

I don’t know how reliable of a scanning drive that Memorex is, but I, along with many members of this forum, do not trust anything labeled Memorex. Chances are that it is a rebadged drive from some other manufacturer though.

My DVD drive is reviewed here:

Also, I’m new to using the CD Quality program. Overall, how poor are the discs I’ve burned? Should I buy a new burner? I find it hard to believe that both medias are unsatisfactory.

Burning at 2x or 4x could be your problem as far as the scan(lower speeds can inflate the pif total). Most drives firmware is optimized for the top speed, also your drives firmware may be a weakness. Memorex doesn’t make drives and their firmware is second best, you might wanna see if you can crossflash your drive to it’s actual model, which should be a Lite-On. Your drive should scan better at 4x if I’m thinking the right model. Crossflashing will void your warranty, but if it’s out of warranty I’d def say go for it. The Lite-On forum should be of more help as well, whether you cross flash or not. Also the rot rate should be slow to non existent with decent or great media.

The Memorex is probably fine as a burner being that it uses an NEC chipset. However, NEC drives themselves are not the best of scanners, so for consistent and reliable scanning abilities it isn’t your best choice.

Your burner is also reviewed here CD freaks Memorex review. Apparently it is actually a rebadged NEC. I don’t know if there are differences in the firmwares or not, but you should be able to sort it out in that thread.

As for scanning drive, Lite-Ons are probably your best bet for DVD scanning as Benqs don’t scan some burns from other drives well (most notably LG and Lite-On drives).

Memorex DVD16+/-DL4RWlD2 - JWS5, JWS6

OEM Liteon SOHW-1673S

That’s off of the rpc1 page. So the drive isn’t made by NEC.

Going by the link the OP posted, it is an NEC drive. Gave the benefit of the doubt. Apparently though, the Memorex and the Sony are actually the same drive.

I’m confused on one point. Are you saying that the problem may not be my media or burner, but rather the test software and scanning ability of the drive?

The test software is fine. [B]Both[/B] of your drives are Lite-On 1673s. I would probably crossflash the older of the 2 to Lite-On firmware to see if this helps your scanning any. Details can be found here Lite-On/Sony forum.

Do you have one drive or 2? If only one it shows your drive as a Sony and a Memorex on your quality scans.

I think the biggest problem is that Memorex has lousy drive model names =) Simple is underrated.

My DVD burner is Memorex, but I do have a standard Sony CD-ROM installed on the system also. With that many PIE errors, are these discs worth keeping, or should I adjust my hardware and reburn?

Neither burns are great but they are within spec (just) so should be fine.

Try a few burns at 8x & you might see an improvement in the quality and also scan at 4x which is the recommended speed for the Liteon 3 series burners.

Slow is best is somewhat a myth with modern burners and the best starting point is always the rated media speed, except maybe 16x media where 12x burning maybe best.