Verbatim and NEC ND-2500A

I have succesfully used Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 4x (43169) to burn at 8x with my NEC ND-2500A.
Now my local dealer doesn’t offer this disc anymore, instead he’s offering Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 4x Pastel (43267).
Can anyone confirm that this disc, 43267, also burns succesfully at 8x?

43169 and 43267 is Verbatim order number in Europe/Sweden.


I only have those “pastel” verbatims (5 colors in slim jewel cases packed by 5). They are mitsubishi chemical corp. (MCC) discs. They are quality discs and they burn at 8x. At least mine do so. This is the best media i can find around where i live.
Pleased and satisfied.

In Scandinavia the pastel discs is Taiyo Yuden and will work fine at 8x speed.

I guess your 4x DVD+R were made in Japan (else they should not work at 8x)? As those made in India/Singapore/Taiwan only works at 4x.

I use 4X which work fine at 8X. They are Verbatim Code 43235, made in INDIA but they are not the ‘pastel’ version.

Thank’s for your answers!

I could not wait, i’ve just got my hands on a 5-pack Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 4x Pastel (43267) and as you wrote, OC-Freak, in Scandinavia the pastel discs is Taiyo Yuden (TYG01). Made in Japan.
Nero reports 8x possible, haven’t tried it yet, let’s hope it work’s good.

OC-Freak, if you reread my post I did not mention +R, only -R

The DataLifePlus DVD-R 4x (43169) is Mitsubishi discs (MCC 01RG20), made in India. Great at 8x.

The Taiyo Yuden are great, thay are made in japan and its quality is the best you can get right know.

It works perfectly at 8x in our Nec25000

Damn i’m lame. My “pastels” are also taiyo yuden as all mentioned. No wonder why are so good discs. The only thing i dont like about the media (if i’m picky) is the aestethics, they look cheap and somehow a litlle ugly but who cares as long they work exceptionally.