Verbatim adds 8x DVD+RW media to its range

I just posted the article Verbatim adds 8x DVD+RW media to its range.

Verbatim has announced the addition of 8x DVD+RW media to its range, which reduces writing time by up to 40% when compared with 4x DVD+RW media, allowing 4.7GB of data to be written in around 8…

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About time! they’ve been all over internet, but nowhere in shops… Considering 8x +RW burners have been out for ages… duh. Btw, MANY CDFreaks news items are full of tiny misleadings or lack of informations. For example: “These Verbatim 8x DVD+RW discs are set to retail for £11.50 (~US$22.55) inc. VAT” 22 bucks for 1 disc? i’m pretty sure that’s for like 10 or so…

Finally. They have been holding back the product for ages now without apparent reason.

LOL This media was announced by them almost 2 years ago. I used to call my supplier once in a while last year to see if they could get me 8x +RW discs and I could never get them so I had to settle for 6x -RW discs. Seriously, 8x +RW has been supported in hardware for a long time but I have never seen 8x +RW media anywhere ! As I write it occurs to me, I remember hearing… they won’t release the faster media to market until current 4X reserves are sold off the shelves. I think RW is a slow seller and the 4x discs are sitting on the shelves… explains the high price.

Again? I’ve seen similar press releases dating back to 2005. It will be news when you can actually get these in stores.

Check that. It’ll be news when you can actually get these from newegg, rima or supermediastore.

When I actually see these discs in shops, then it’ll be time to cheer. Until then I’m happy with my Ricoh 8x DVD+RW media.

These have been available in the USA and Canada for several months now… it’s just that no stores have been ordering them.

There’s nothing but 4x on Verbatim’s North American web site. With that and the fact that no major stores offer them, I’d say they have not been out for months. Maybe you’re thinking of the 6x DVD-RW discs.