Verbatim 95028 25 pks



Can anyone identify for certain what these are? has them for $0.15 each, and I would buy a ton of them if I knew they weren’t some cheap CMC or Moser.

See here for example and cheap price


Nevermind. I bought one pack just to see and they are CMC Magnetics, same as some Imations I had. In practical use they have been problem free, but their scans are typically worse than those of Verbatim MCC.


i got a 50pk of those discs and they have a Mitsubishi Chemicals MID. didn’t you have a thread about these very same discs already? as in this one:


That was me. The 50 pack and the 25 packs are two different beasts.

The 50 pack is MCC, the 25 pack is CMC. I probably shouldn’t have run two threads.


The 50 packs aren’t necessarily MCC Azo Dye. It varies.