Verbatim 94912 DL 6/$49.95

FYI, SonyStyle has best price I’ve seen to date on Verbatim 8.5GB DL discs. $49.95 for a pack of six 94912 DL discs. Figures out to about $8.33 each. Strangely enough, shipping seems reasonable, too. Only $5.00 to my location (Michigan). Apparently, Sony feels they should provide a reasonable source for DL media if they expect to sell many of their DL drives.

Not low enough yet to entice me to buy, but far and away better than the $18. - $25. each I’m seeing on other sources. IMHO, once Verbatim solves their production problems and write-once DL discs get down into the $2. - $3 range with re-writable DL discs on the market at $5. - $6. each, sales of DL media and drives should really take off.