Verbatim 94812 Hub Printable Amazon Rebate



There is a $15 rebate on 50 pk with a limit of three. Final price about $25 shipped per 50.

Here’s the link:

Hope this hasn’t been posted. Thanks to steve2713 at forum for pointing this out.


too much rebate
and $25 is an ok price if no rebate since the non-printable TY sells for $19.99 per spindle of 50. The Printable Velocity 4X on amazon sells for $31 per spindle of 100, and it has MCC code made by prodisc, very decent quality, that is a better alternative. Those velocity burnt at 8X on my burner.


Thanks for the headsup. Good deal.


I hear you on the rebates ghetocowboy. I didn’t buy all three myself. Thanks for the Velocity info.

Are the Velocity 100% guaranteed MCC because I don’t trust Prodisc after bad F01 both Fuji BB and RIMA printable? I know RIMA is shipping some MCC Prodisc again but they can’t guarantee MCC according to the email reply I received.

The $25 is a good price when compared the $37 plus for the typical 94812. Ty hub printable are $68/100pk at RIMA plus shipping.


well, I bought a few spindles from amazon, the spindle of 10 DVD-R is free AR, and 2 spindles of the 4x -R printable velocity, all are MCC01RG20 and burnt at 8x on my benq 1620 with the latest firmware, b7t9. and the peak PI under DVDInfo is 22, average PI is 7. Which is awesome. Hopes that help.