Verbatim 8x -R's $35.20 Shipped - NO Rebate


SuperMediaStore has the Verbatim 8x -R’s on sale for $35.20 Shipped - they say the media code is MCC02RG20

You can find them here:

I have these and they are great!!

Happy Burnin’


Staple brands are awsome in my Nec 3500a!! Kicked Verbatim anytime

I am so tempted to get these :slight_smile: They really do burn very well…

big mike - great price; pretty good media. Too bad I’m sitting on 1200 pieces of TY and Verbatim

Easy - if staples is good for you, that’s great - don’t buy any verbs then.

Anything is possible. Care to post a scan to back this up? Here’s mine:

Nice catch Mike. Not as good as in the LG but pretty good in NEC 3500 and BenQ 1620.

Yo easy123-

We would really like to see some scans from you to verify that this statement in indeed correct-



Yo fsh42na-

I’m in the very same boat - well stocked on both Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim (and some Maxell and a handfull of the good old Ritek G05’s)-

If I bring in any more media - my wife will trade me in for a nongeek model-


Post a scan of your wife… I might trade for a couple or stacks of G02s.


luckily I’ve got a sis-in-law who I can unload media on. That is, media that don’t give me pretty Q scans. :stuck_out_tongue:

my scan of staples dvd, burned at 6x.