Verbatim 8x +R media for $24 shipped from Newegg


Heres a good deal for quality Verbatim 8x +R media from Newegg for $24 shipped after Mail In Rebate here:

Y’all know the egg - if you snooze - you lose-eh!


Nice deal Mike. If I had not just this second bought a ton of TY +R I would jump. Hopefully these will not be the dreaded Ritek Verbatim some have reported.

I’m still waiting on my rebate for the last batch of discs I bought from Supermediastore. :frowning: I hate rebates!

Yo DQ-

I have never waited over 6 weeks for a Verbatim rebate (including from a SuperMediaStore sale)-


your way behind bigmike7 i already posted this last night :iagree:

damn newbie!!! :bigsmile:


Sorry - didn’t see your post-

However - it doesn’t hurt to post a great deal twice - as long as it isn’t from the same member-eh!



btw - The mid code on these should be MCC-003


Good thing you posted it again Mike: I didn’t catch it yesterday. I just ordered some, I will let you know the MID when they arrive. Thanks again, they burn great on my BenQ 1640 at 12x. Just under 6:00 min for 4.3 gig.

Post some scans when your discs arrive Alan.

I will do that, did you ever see my latest BenQ1640 Scan I will post it below. It is from the good BenQ my 3d. Obviosly you can’t post the same scan twice, I didn’t realize that. But this is a link to the thread, look on the last page.

How are your scan going with your new BenQ 1640. I love mine. I tried the BEFB firmware and even though it allows you to use UDMA 4, I didn’t find it much different.

I am happy with my last drive…it is burning well and reading well - I’ve done three 99% MCC 004’s in a row with BSIB.

I am using BFEB now, I get a much better burst rate and operates in UDMA 4, my scans while not as good as yours are a constant 98 or 99 with avg PIE and PIF errors. I never tryed BSIB because you cannot enable overspeeding with it. I wonder if I enabled overspeed in QSuite2.0 and then flash to BSIB whether it would stay enabled. I think another way is to use MCSE and just change the media codes, like YudenT02 for Yuden T03 etc. I think that would work. I will play around and let you know, I only burn at 12x and my times are about 6:00 give or take a second or two. I do not get very good results at 16x.

Yo alan-

What is the difference between firmwares BEFB and BFEB and where do I find BFEB?