Verbatim 8x -R and +R At Very Good Prices at Rima




Just left the Rima site at and noted that they have the Verbatim 8x +R 100 cakeboxes for $29 + shipping and the 8x -R 100 cakeboxes for $30 plus shipping-

Rima is one of the best internet retailers and their shipping charges are known to be some of the most reasonable on the web-

Just wanted to share this find of very good media at a very good price from a very good vendor with my fellow freaks-



Shouldn’t you have said “That’s a good price-eh?” :wink:

The direct link for the DVD+R and for the DVD-R.

Not a bad idea, eh? :wink:

Also, s/h is UPS Ground; from Rima to TX, it would be $6.71 for a 100-pk. So that means the DVD+R would be $29 + $6.71 = 35.71. The DVD-R would be $1 more ($36.71). :wink:


Yo Q-

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You can get the DataLifePlus 8X +R inkjet printable Verbs at NewEgg for $29.99 shipped!!!



yes, but if you compare Rima’s Verbs with NewEgg’s, you’ll see Newegg’s is only the 50 pk. Rima has the $29/$30 per 100pk of +R/-R respectively, so it’s a huge discount.


Anyone have an scans of these discs at rima?


Nice find from a great site. My guess is that they are starting to clear out their stock of 8x Verbs. I thought I remember seeing somewhere that they have ceased production of the 8x Verbs.


I’m sorta with teflonmyk on this one; I’d rather have white-topped hub printables than those dust/fingerprint magnet shiny silver discs.


Gonna pass on these OEM verb’s. Got the -R’s from Newegg a couple months
back and the discs aren’t that good. Scans consistently show PIE in the 20-30k and PIF in 800-1200 at 8x. Simply put, NOT the usual quality of branded verb’s. They were prodisc made.

Looking at the packaging on the RIMA verbs, they are exactly similar to the ones i got from Newegg. At 35.49 after shipping and taxes…not that great of a deal for questionable discs in my opinion. The ones i got from Newegg totaled 30$ after shipping and taxes…


Thanks ccboy for sharing your experiences. I’ll steer clear of these and look for sales on the retail Verbs.



While the site was down - I did some burning tests on the Verbatim “Value” MCC 003 8x +R’s I got from Newegg on the last sale-

These Quality Scores are comparable to my branded Verbatim MCC 003’s

Your call - but the results speak for themselves-



Notice I refer to the DataLifePlus


@bigmike - thanks for the scans. I’m passing because I get better results from my branded MCC 003.


Nice Scan!


do your scans get worse or better if you do 8x, rather than 4x ?



On BenQ - scans are done at 8x and on most other qualified burners at 4x - with the exception of the NEC’s at 5x-

I have found the LiteOn burner Quality Scans to agree with the Kprobe scans and think that they are more reliable IMO-

I have been finding that my BenQ 1640 appears to give higher Quality Scores than do my LiteOn - especially when compared to the Kprobe results-




I agree with bigmike7, my BenQ scans always have lower errors than my Liteon, likely due to the fact the Liteon reads at 1 ecc and the BenQ is reading at 8 ecc intervals.

Given reasons for scanning, comparing discs scanned on the same drive should be reliable. I use the Liteon because it is more accurate but if I only had a BenQ for scanning I wouldn’t spend money on a Liteon just for scanning.


Gotcha - thanks - but does that mean you would then only burn those (8x) media at 4x, in order to achieve a quality burn ? even though they’re rated at 8x media…or is that just done for scan quality and you burn them at 8x or 16x
Also - is kprobe available/integrated into KDE yet ? will it be ?
only found This about it after a qyuick google - at sourceforge


First of all, how do we know that they’re selling the same disks. I’ve seen some Verbatim at Bestbuy that said “Made in India”.

Could the Rima disks be the same as these that are selling for $46 at Amazon (with no free shipping!). If so, what’s happened to Amazon? They used to have great buys.

Lastly, why am I seeing url in the DVD+r link posted by Quema 34?



So what drive do you like the most? I’ve read varying opinions on CDfreaks.
People rave about the Benq as the best, while others love the Liteon for it’s firmware flexibility.

I don’t see nearly as much ink here about the Sony, Pioneer, NEC or Plextor models.