Verbatim 8x + or - for the 2510A?

I’m planning to buy some Verbatim 8x media.
Since I live in Sweden and we have stupid ass taxes here on recordable media, I’m going to order from Germany or Denmark where I can get quality media like Verbatim cheaper than low quality crappy media here in Sweden.

But since I’m ordering from abroad and plan to order a few packages I don’t want to get something that don’t work great with my burner. So I want to know your impressions on the Verbatim 8x discs… which one works best on the 2510, the + or the - discs?
Also, do all the Verbatims tend to be equal quality wise, or do they buy discs from different manufacturers, ie quality can vary?


I use Verbatim 4x dvd-r in my 2500A, which can be burned at 8x. There is a list of media which can be burned at 8x on NEC’s website.

I would assume it’s the same for the 2510A?

ive just bought some verbatim 8x dvd-r disks. i will test them and let u know. i will compare them with dataright (yes, dataright, not datawrite) 8x dvd-r disks which are the best disks i have used to date.


I have made the experience that there are some weak +R 8x (MCC 003) discs, while the -R (MCC 02RG20) are very constant in quality. You should especially avoid those discs with printable surface, as they are usually worse.
When it comes to +R, I’d recommend YUDEN000T02, which I’ve seen to be available in Germany now labelled by “GIGATAIN”. My 3500A is able to write them at 16x with good results! :slight_smile:


Would definately go with the -R’s

Both my 2500 and 2510’s had serious problems with +R’s - especially when trying to burn compressed movies (like when using DVDshrink)-

Yup - go with the -R’s - you will be glad that you did-


I am useing a NEC 2500A and a pair of Pioneer A08XL drives. I burn about 50 to 75 DVDs a week with the drives. I was useing Verbatim 4x -R media. All the burns were good with few problems. I moved to Verbatim 8x -R media went my supplyer was out of stock of the 4X. I tryed burning at the 8X speed and found everthing to work fine. I check the data each step of the way and check finished discs with DVDINFOPRO. Have 100% with the Verbatim 8x -R media.

Are u sure these are genuine TYs ? There are a lot of FAKES around.
Some manufacturers of cheap crap discs are using TYs Disc IDs (Yeah, the world of capitalism IS evil :wink: )

And at this price ( 39 EUR for 100 +Rs) I seriously think these
are fake dics.

Look here:

a 100 pcs. spindle TY002 +Rs printable costs 94 EUR …
quite a difference to 39 EUR …

:cop: Please don’t recommend shops selling fake media.

Correct me if I’m wrong, though :wink:

Greetings from Germany,

Thanx for the replys!
I think I will go with the dvd-r since most people seem to have better experience with it, and the only experience I have of dvd+r earlier wasn’t that good (RICOHJPNR01, did not burn as good as for example RITEKG04 on my 2510).

However, the TY’s are said to be great with the NEC, but my first reaction when seeing the Gigatain discs was just like Klaasklever’s… fake.
Since there has been a lot of discussions about fake TY T02, and since the price is so low (even 10€ lower than the memorex-discs at the same store!) I wouldn’t buy them unless someone had tested them and convinsed me it was real TY.

Try these sites, tested by me, if you live in Europe (all flavours and packagings of taiyo yuden) (TY in 100-spindles or Verbatim pastel en 5-packs (TY G01) (look for the Maxell +R >Taiyo Yuden)

Correcting the links
Try these sites, tested by me, if you live in Europe (all flavours and packagings of taiyo yuden) (TY in 100-spindles or Verbatim pastel en 5-packs (TY G01) (look for the Maxell +R >Taiyo Yuden)


You’re probably right, that Gigatain could be fake TY. I ordered some to try them out. I also ordered some Hyundai labelled ones from (10,99 EUR for 25 discs) to check them out, too…

I heard about TYG02 to be faked a few times, but so far I haven’t heard about YUDEN000T02…

The Hyundai ones are fake. Gigatain seems to be too.
Check out this thread: