Verbatim 8x, MCC3 DVD+R


Disc burned at 8x with 4.30GB data on a Plextor 716A. Attachment below from top is listed as:

  1. SUM8
  2. SUM1
  3. Beta-Jitter test
  4. Read Transfer Test

All tests done with Plextools Professional 2.23

Here are the test results for TA test (again from top):

  1. inner
  2. middle
  3. outer

Anyone care to comment on these scans. Personally I am not sure how to interpret this data (especially the beta-jitter test), but the PI/PIF and the read transfer test looks good.

Can anyone point me too a good resource or explain to me how to interpret the beta-jitter test?

should have posted this in the quality scans thread. you should read up on that thread as well as people comment on others’ scans. you can glean a lot of info by just reading through that thread.

your jitter is fine…very consistent and the beta doesn’t waver too much from 0.00. nothing to worry about.

stick to looking at the beta line of your beta/jitter scans since Plextools doesn’t report jitter in terms of a percentage. as long as your beta line doesn’t waver too extensively from 0.00 then you’re burn is fine.