Verbatim 8x jumpy on 708a

I recently acquired a Plextor 708a burner. I didn’t have any troubles with it at all and was actually quite pleased with it’s performance at both ripping and burning. That all changed when I tried to burn @8x speed.
I had previously burned 2x -R Verbatims and 4x +R Verbatims with no trouble at all. I then bought a box of 8x Verbatims in jewel cases. I burned 4 DVDs which turned out crap (jumpiness, pausing, weird blocks and whatnot) and only one which definitely works (I watched the entire movie).

I tried a different IDE cable, PX only drive on the channel, no software running in the background. Nothing helps. My standalone is a Pioneer 656 which usually plays just about anything. I burned with RecordNowMax and the drive has firmware 1.04.

Any ideas?

Anything else I could try or is it just bad luck with the media?

Some drives just can’t handle the 8x speed that you recorded in, but my guess is the movie you recorded at 8x works ok in the Plextor, next burn try burning at 4x. I did one disk at 8x also & at first my player didn’t except it & then I press play & it worked, but all of my other burned disk I just do either 4x or 2.4x depending on the speed of the media & have no problems. A number of users are having problems like you so don’t feel bad, maybe in the next firmware 1.05 due this month will fix this. But for now burn at lower speed & use quality media, cheap media is a headache.

Try using dvdinfo pro or dvd indentifier to find out who is the actual manufacturer of those VERBATIM 8x discs.

Just because burning @higher speeds doesn’t necessarily mean the playback on standalone dvd players will be normal. Especially older model dvd players. That’s just my experience in burning @8x with the PLEXTOR 708A.

Try using IMG TOOL BURN to burn dvds.

Good Luck!

AS all of the other brands of DVD burners now are coming out with their version of 8X, it would be nice to see how they fair in this of burning 8X with 4X media. Has anyone heard of any brand of DVD burner comparison with Plextor??? Now that would be nice to see.