Verbatim 8x DVD spindles $19.50 at Micro Center

Micro Center seems to get overlooked for whatever reason, but this week the Verbatim 8x discs are priced as per the thread title. If you have a store in your area and get the paper circular you should be able to get bet Best Buy, etc to price match. Here are the links online:

I think that one of the reasons that they get overlooked is that they have crappy advertising. You cannot view thier add online and I have gone in store and asked about getting on thier mailing list and just got the runaround. Either thier adds are a big secret or they want you to come in store to even see the add or something. They also have kind of a crappy reputation for online sales too. I would probably shop thier because they run outragious deals like fry’s does (I hate fry’s with a passion but I still go thier for the advertised deals) but I can never get thier add. It’s about a 1hr drive round trip to get thier add (they are not that far away but there is highway construction in the area) so I don’t go get the adds often.
Thanks for the heads up on the sale though.

Sure you can! Just click on: “Advertised Specials: Stores” up in the right hand corner of their home page and you’ll get their promotions.

It might not always be all their promotions, but so far they always had their DVD-media offers included (I have checked them since November 2004).

Their current ad is 20 pages. They only post the first and last pages online. However, these pages usually contain the best deals. They are selling Verbatim DVD+R DL discs - 3pk for $22.99. Still expensive, but the cheapest retail price (without a rebate) I’ve seen.

same 8x verbys@ sam club 18.88 tonight when i was there.
100 pks were 44… not too many of those sold :slight_smile: