Verbatim 8x DVD+RW for $3 each

After a fairly long search for a “reputable” seller of the Verbatim 8x DVD+RW that wasn’t charging $8 per disc, I came up with “”.

$3.03 per disc in jewel case and lots of it in stock. Shipping is pretty high, but I still managed to get 6 discs for $30 all in.

I did find a few other cheap sellers, but this one has the best buyer ratings, and some of them have horrible ratings. You can order through Amazon, or directly.

I got my discs from them no problems. Packaging was poor resulting in some cracked jewel cases, but the service was good. Will use them again.

I got from Micro Center $1.99ea

In the several years I’ve contributed to this forum, and after all the information I’ve accumulated from reading posts regarding DVD media, I still haven’t bought my first DVD+RW! How is the Ridek/Ridata brand? has the Ridata 25 piece cakebox for $17.99 +shipping (reasonable).

I check Pricewatch from time to time, and their ratings of their vendors are usually accurate:

If the Riteks are RITEK 008, I would buy something else. They’re good if your drive supports them properly, but in my experience most drives don’t.

For 8x DVD+RW I would personally recommend either the Verbatims or Ricoh, both of which are good and are widely supported.

Ricoh JPNW21 8x +RW is not even close to Verbatim in burn quality on most burners. It works, but just barely. My Oppo player will refuse to mount 90% of the Ricoh 8x discs I burn, but likes 100% of the Verbatim 8x. Quality scans are like night and day between the 2 types, regardless of the burner used.

I just bought some from for US$1.99 ea + 1.99 shipping. They look like a drop shipping front since they’re based in California and the discs came from Illinois but I can’t be certain about it. Packaging was poor - they just put them in a bubble envelope. All the cases were smashed when I received them.