Verbatim (8x) DVD-R



i’m no longer buying the nasty cheapo media i’ve seen a price list for a shop up the town for Verbatim (8x) DVD-R 25pk for £9.99 and wanted to know if this is a good price for them


I would say so. Do you happen to know which country they were made in? I believe the cheapest I have ever seen is 5 pounds per 25 discs and it was for the cheapest POS Bulqpaq, Datawrite type discs.


don’t know will be going up their tomorrrow just says verbatim x8 -r 25 pack so i’m hoping their verbatim branded and not some low grade erjects. Would of liked to have got more of the ty fuji’s but a few days after posting about them they all had gone shame they reduced them to 7 quid . :sad:


lucky i’ve been to ill to get them know i see svp are doing them for 8 quid


know i don’t need to get off my ass to get them if only the where offering the 99p p&p