Verbatim 8x DVD+/-R Spindle (100 Discs) at Amazon

Hi, I have seen this posted, DVD+/-R for 34.99 USD at Amazon, Free Shipping, I think its a very good deal but i dont know if they are MIJ… so… anybody have tried this??..

MCC003 is what i got… very nice media! :slight_smile: Approx. as good as my MIJ Taiyo Yuden T02. It’s a great deal, you can’t possibly regret it

here’s a scan:

here’s the next disc I burned:

Who makes the -R and how well and how fast would they burn in a NEC-3500a with stock firmware?

They are $29.99 w/free shipping as of right now, so hurry is you want some.

How was the packing when you got your 100 spindle? Some have said Amazon doesn’t pack it well (I assume that they meant the spindle could move around too much [back and forth], meaning it could hurt the disks some). Was the spindle able to be moved, or pretty well held in place?

The MCC003 is the DVD+R; the -r is MCC02RG20, I think.

MCC02RG20 are comparable to MCC003?

The -R are MCC 02RG20 as indicated above. They will either be made by CMC or Prodisc and both are good. I have burned them on my 3500 at both 8X and 12X. They have one annoying problem in that they either skew quite a bit at the end (12X) or at the beginning (8X). It still is not a very high error level. See my scans below. The MCC 003 seem just a little better than the MCC 02RG20.

chas, someone in the Plextor burn thread got a good scan from Staples DVD+R (CMC MAG E01-00). If you’re curious, here’s the scan:

I was surprised, although I don’t know if he used a 716a at highest accuracy or good accuracy (or whatever accuracy) for the scans. He also didn’t include a sum1, but I was blown away. :eek:

I’ve not burned the 02RG20s in my system, but the Ritek -r 8x ridata branded (g05) have a ‘hump’ on most all PIE scans from 0-1gb usually, with a matching ‘hump’ on jitter (one or two ‘humps’) in that same area. Don’t know why that’s true, but it is. I wonder if that’s a general pattern on -r media (either the hump at start or finish)?

Those rising peaks of errors used to be common on older 8X burners when they would get to the edge of the disc where it is much harder to control errors. With better media and 16X burners that would correct on the fly this has almost disappeared on quality media. I am not sure where Plextor is in this as I don’t follow their burners much.

Also, I would avoid CMC mage01. CMC is trouble to begin with and I have seen some people with real problems using the mag stuff. With Verbatim and TY as low as they are there is no point in going to a lower grade. Even a very good burn on a mediocre dye could turn bad in the future.

It was packed in a huge box with big plastic bubbles around it, and the cake case was shrink-wrapped securely. In all honesty it’s by far the best packing for DVDs I’ve ever bought on the internet, and I’d buy again no hesitation. Amazon always ships properly packed in my experience.

Now Both +R is for $29.99, but out of stock

I don’t know, but it’s still $34.99 on my computer and out of stock.

That has to be the fastest price change I have ever seen from Amazon. Hope eveyone got theirs before the price jump.

carlosgil77, thanks for the posting.

Both the -R/+R were $29.99 yesterday, I was at work so I coulnd’t order. When I got home, the +R was still $29.99, but out of stock, but you can still place an order (back order) and the -R price went up to $59.99. They go fast for that price without the rebate. It is a good time to stock up because of oil prices go up, which will affect optical disc prices. And also, drought in Thailand also affects the prices of optical media. Here is the artical about thailand drought:

It would be a good deal if they had it in stock.

now the -R price drops to $34.44, but still out of stock. I placed an order for +R when it was $29.99, I got an email confirmation that my item will be shipped from July 28th to August 12th. I am going to give it 2 weeks, if they still haven’t shipped out my order, I will cancel it