Verbatim 8x DVD+R Spindle [100 Discs] $31.99 Delivered @ Amazon



Came by across these today. No rebates involved. Free shipping, too. Would love to try it but I’m not too comfortable about this much discs being shipped and not getting damaged. For you with braver souls, perhaps.


If you order six spindles, they should fill the box nicely and not bounce around too much when experiencing 10-g acceleration and deceleration and other assorted forces from being thrown around, punched and squeezed by UPS sorting machines. And that’s before the driver gets to play with your box :slight_smile:

This is a very fair, no-rebate, free-shipping, no-tax deal for 8x Mitsubishi discs. Doesn’t get any more straightforward than this. If it wasn’t for the glut of cheap discs from Best Buy, I would be all over those MCC02RG20.




I have gotten Verbatim 100 cakeboxes from Amazon - and they have been well packed and arrived in good condition-

There should not be any difference between a 50 pack and a 100 pack - it is going to be very hard to find Verbatim at $.32 per disc - unless you can find a deal that involves a rebate (Yuck)-



nice deal…as past wasn’t so good with packaging…so don’t want to take a risk ordering these…dun wanna see my dvds all over the box ^^;;


I’d also be a little careful about ordering 100-spindles from Amazon. I did it some time ago, and when it arrived the spindle was smashed and some of the discs scratched. I am not doing that again… :sad:


To be fair, Amazon has monkeys doing their shipping. Wait…that’s not really fair to monkeys. However, their customer service will bend over backwards to deal with these problems. I have never come out on the short end because of a shipping problem with them.



Whoa, $32 all paid for a 100 pcs of MCC03? That’s pretty damn incredible! Thank you for the headsup guys, I just put in an order for two - to minimize the chance of loose packaging leading to shipment damage, right chas0039? =)


Yo Never Again-

No worries mate - the Amazon packing has gotten much better lately - confirm upon receipt - eh?


No stock of +R, only -R. It says +R will be arriving soon.


You have to be quick with these deals. Some guy out there with a thousand +R’s in his closet cannot wait to get more and will pounce on it right away.

There is no such thing as too much media. :smiley:



You obviously have NOT talked to my or Sportsmell’s wife - eh?



Will certainly do so, bigmike! It is scheduled for delivery next Tuesday or so.


yea i ordered one but wont ship till june 27 because thats when the next order is coming in


How do the +Rs stack up to the Fuji +R TYs??? Will my NEC be able to burn these faster than the rated speed??



I’ve always found the Verbs +R very consistant and with a nice writing surface; the Fuji TY scan quit a bit better though. I don’t have an NEC, so can’t address that point. $32 bucks delivered is a pretty good deal.


printable surface??


No. The printable ones cost more.


Price just went up on these to $35.

The -Rs at Amazon went back to over $74; even though they are backordered, if you want them at this price without rebates it is time to move.


FedEx delivered last Saturday. The box was overisize, you could easily fit at least six spindles in it. There were a bunch of inflated clear plastic whatchamacallits in there to cushion the two spindles though. Not exactly Rima-level packaging but it seems to have done the job - the spindles and the discs look good.

The label says Made in Taiwan, the reorder # is 94968. There is no Datalife Plus to be seen anywhere, there are Verbatim and DVD+Recordable on the front and Up to 12X - compatible with 12X hardware on the back. So the DatalifePlus designation is definitely on the way out. Not a cause for worry - this media is just as good. See the scan of a 12X burn on the PX-712A for an example.