Verbatim 8X DVD+R Question



I am about to buy some of this media … Its pretty expensive and so I cannot afford to have a coaster. So in my DRU-710A @ BYX3 … can this media be written @ 16x??


If you can’t afford a coaster don’t burn @ other speeds then certified :wink:
I advise you to buy the cheaper Fuji’s with TY media code…


The Verbatims burn great at 8X with booktype set DVD-ROM


actually … coasters aren’t much of a problem … but i’d rather have a decent quality burn @ 12x/16x … has anyone written Verbatim 8x DVD+R on their 1633S @ higher speeds? Should I use the MCC004 strategy? c0deking??


burnt @12x (strat: MCC004) they have good scan results.


I agree with relex and chok0. Personally if I could easily get TY media, I 'd buy it all the time but MCC004 isn’t bad at 12x. The good thing about MCC004 is that the firmware does not need to be patched to burn it at 12x or 16x but the TY T02 media does (OP rec tweaks). You’d probably get a better 16x result with the TY T02 and patched firmware then you would with the MCC004. :wink:

I’ll try a MCC003 (Verbatim 8x) at 12x in the Litey for you now. The latest batch I have are very good and burn perfectly at 12x in the BenQ.


Well the MCC003 worked really well at 12x using BYX4 and the MCC004 strategy. This is the best batch of MCC003s I’ve ever had.

Note: these discs have the “up to 12x” orange label on the spindle. I also noticed that auto bitsetting didn’t work with BYX4 :confused:.


Sweet result, C0deKing.
Just curious, I see that you have a 1633S@BYX4. Would you consider this the best firmware for 16xxS drives? (ONLY UP TO 1653S OF COURSE!!! SO not to confuse ANYONE!!!)


See my posts here:

I did it because the thread starter was using a 710A and I wasn’t sure if he was prepared to crossflash his drive.


this is awesome … but TY media is not available in india … and getting verbatim is very difficult … i have still not got my hands on the media … :frowning:

but i really appreciate all the comments and help … :smiley: