Verbatim 8x DVD+-R media

I discovered that some shops in this area still carry Verbatim 8x DVD+R media. I have seen +R by Prodisc, +R by CMC and -R by CMC.

Is 8x media still better than 16x media?
Is Prodisc or CMC better? Would +R MBI be better than the MIT ones?

There are no more TYG02 -Rs :sad:

mcc 004 performs even better (if possible?) then mcc 003 on my 716a

I would say cmc…

I suppose CMC is the most common 8x and gave Verbatim its good reputation. Prodisc seems to be more variable in quality from what I’ve read here, but they can be good too. 8x MBI may be an even greater gamble, even though their current MCC004 are as good or better as CMC’s (definitely on a 716A, if you haven’t tried them yet, Scheirmes).

You’ll dismiss the “Pearl White” CMC’s right away, I’m sure.

In my opinion Verbatim 16x media (MCC 004 and MCC 03RG20) has always been as good as or better than Verbatim 8x media (MCC 003 and MCC 02RG20) for burning at 8x speed or slower, and when burning at 12x there’s no contest at all - 16x is far better.

That being said, I have had some very good burns with Verbatim 8x media, +R as well as -R, with most drives preferring +R over -R.

I’m not convinced that there’s a real answer to that question, other than “it varies from batch to batch”.

I have had very good burns with all three types, although I have only burned a few +R MBI. For me the best Verbatim 8x DVD+R batch has been Made in Taiwan by Prodisc, but the difference has been marginal.

I have only had CMC made Verbatim DVD-R (MCC 02RG20), and they have been of variable quality. The best of these burned in my NEC 3500 have been very good, but I have found that some burners have a difficult time burning this media with good quality.

If I had to choose between 16x and 8x Verbatim media, I would choose the 16x media without hesitation, unless I had an older burner without proper firmware support.

I haven’t tried any Verbatim 8x Pearl White media, however.

I will avoid the Pearl White media because some aren’t even CMC but Ritek (!)…
I think it will be the 8x DVD+Rs by Prodisc, then. Thanks for all the help, I want to feed my laptop burner with media which suits it.

which shop have them?

Is that the MBI MCC004 you’re referring to, Scheirmes?
If so, you can find Verbatim DVD+R 16X “Made in India” easily. And if you hop over the border into Germany, they’re almost half price from here.

yep that’s do you see that they are made in india?
also a friend of mine has had problems with them…
check this: ->dvd+r 16×,verbatim spindle 100pcs

They’ll say “Made in India” on the spindles, if my own MII Verbs are anything to go by.

I think your results with them may depend on your burners and their firmware. For example, they burn very well on my LG4163B with A106 firmware, but YMMV.


Scheirmes: A local brick and mortar shop. If you are staying in Stuttgart, Germany you should take a look at Kaufhof near the train station :wink:
MII is indicated on the packaging. We can still trust Verbatim with that :smiley:
But if you shop online you won’t see whether it’s MII or MIT.

thnx a lot.if I get there i’ll check it but I usually shop online(cheaper) :sad:

@ arachne:some people have high pifs,>300.have u bought them lately?those “bad” batches were bought in the last 2 months…burned on nec and liteon I believe

also the surface is said to be rougher then the mits?Any experience?

The top surface will not have any influence on burn quality.
From a single disc, you will be able to tell MBI from Prodisc and CMC discs by the codes in the hub.

MBI: 5250 529 +R E F 06202
Prodisc: 5317E3726-05923E00
CMC: PAPA05JJ0400448 2

Also, cakebox style and country of origin indication on the packaging will give you a good hint at the manufacturer.
CMC has serif fonts (also used by Singapore), MBI has the rough bottom (also used by Singapore), and Prodisc has bolder fonts.

Yep, mine were bought in the last 2 months…the batch/serial numbers on the problem discs might be good, if you can find out. :slight_smile:

I’ll try some of the MII Verbs on my Litey 1635S on Saturday - I’ll let you know if I run into any problems :wink:

I haven’t tried those discs with either of my 1635’s yet, so this week may be a good time to give them a shot.

All I wanted to convey is that I’ve scanned both MBI and CMC made (printable) MCC004’s that were burned on a 716A f/w 1.08, and the MBI had less PIFs and were very consistent. So I thought Scheirmes wouldn’t be worse off with those, if he had the choice.

I recently bought Verbatim 8x DVD+R media - made in Taiwan - MCC003 - in spindles of 100.

Most had bits of white that did not brush off, as well as lots of other dust.

I’ve returned them to Verbatim USA and their Tech Support is supposedly investigating.

Meanwhile, every spindle of TY DVD-R 8x burns great, and when I get them in the spindles of TYG02’s, there is never any dust whatsoever on them.

Several on-line stores in City of Industry, California, USA sell these, and I’m sure there must be some European on-line suppliers as well.

Try Verbatim Digital Movies. The rate at 4x on the cake box, however, are variable speed to 8x.

thnx a lot kg_evilboy,arachne and cressida:now I must get some of those.
looking forward to ur scans,Arachne

got mcc003 made in india!
burning now,will post scans later…

Looking forward to it! Silly me, I forgot to take some of my MII Verbs over to my mum’s (where one of my 1635s is). Whoops :o