Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL

I’ll first write the text, and will include the pictures afterwards.

If you thought you could use those discs in older drives, forget it: The Pioneer DVR-A09 only supports them at 2.4x, and the write quality is nothing to boast with.

NEC NEC ND-3540A supports them at 8x, but the result is suboptimal when scanned with a PX-716A, and simply sucks when scanned with a PX-712. The bad thing is, the PX-712 has not been “designed” to read DVD+R DL and probably resembles the behaviour of a lot of older players not specially designed to read them either.

The LG 4120B does not support recording them

The PX-716A is showing a very good result at 6x speed, however, it is not better than the result with normal (not printable) 2.4x media, so there is actually not really a point in using them, unless the price is the same.

NEC 3540A

Pioneer DVR-A09

Plextor PX-716A

Thanks a lot alex for these tests on Verbatim MKM-003 !
Because there are nearly no others available since

My question is:
What happens to the burning quality of these MKM-003
if you burn them at the lowest speed allowed by the drives,
which I guess is 4x CLV ?

Personaly I always use a CLV mode to burn DL’s
because in a Z-CLV mode like 6x or 8x the burn goes through the layer break position at the highest speed
and often the is a sudden drop in the transfert rate just before this position

Of course there is a drop. The drive has to stop, calibrate the laser for the 2nd layer and continue then. This drop will be there at any speed.

I haven’t tried lower speeds since if you want to burn slower, you can use cheaper 2.4x speed discs.

Here is the result with the NEC 4550A:

Thanks for the answer alexnoe !

So the drop is caused by calibration of the laser at any speed

But at the beginning of the 2nd layer the burning speed goes up immediatly to 8x again
and I noticed that it is this first zone of the 2nd layer that usualy shows high PIE or high PIF
and sometimes causes reading problems in standalone DVD players.

That’s why I was suggesting to burn MKM-003 at the speed of 4x CLV all the way,
so this zone beginning the 2nd layer will also be written at the speed of 4x

But at the beginning of the 2nd layer the burning speed goes up immediatly to 8x again
Since the 2nd layer is burned from the outer to the inner part of the disc, where else should the speed be at maximum?

didnt found topis so i decided to post here…

is it good scan?


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