Verbatim 8x DVD+R 50pk Clearance @ Best Buy - $10.99!

Not everyone seems to be having luck with this one, but the 8x are on their way out to make way for 16x.

I was at Best Buy today and they were 39.99 for a 50 pack. Where are you getting that information.

Hes right but they do have 16x 25 pack for $9.99 so its pointless to get 50 8x for $39.99 when you can get 50 16x for $19.98

I just came from BB the 50 pak 8x are 10.99, only problem is they don’t have any in stock. 16x are 39.99.

Good lord, 8x is on the way out already?!

The 16x are 9.99 for 25, I bought 10 packs. They had the 8x both + and dash for 39.99. That was two hours ago. No sales on 8x Verbs in N.J.

Yeah the 25 paks are 9.99, the 50 packs are 39.99. Bet they don’t sell many 50 packs. :doh: This is in Tennessee.

Yep, Verbatim’s 8x is shutting down, if I remember correctly, so they can concentrate on 16x production.

Also, while Verbatim traditionally is good, you might get a great spindle or a mediocre one, depending on who made it (CMC or Prodisc) and storage conditions. I ,for example, have a 100 pk from Amazon I bought, but the PIF are mediocre at best. They have a + in the middle of the serial number, so they are Prodisc made and should be giving me about 400-500 PIF max at 8x burn. However, I’m getting 1200-1600 PIF, which is mediocre at best. So, although the disks look fine, have no hub cracks and no dye spotting, they were likely older stock that sat around for a while. So, if you’re getting Verbatims, it might be a bit of a crap shoot. I certainly would not buy from Amazon again b/c of their sorry packaging. If you must get them, get them from someplace like NewEgg. :wink:

I just came back from our local Best Buy and the 8x Verbs were not on closeout in the Milwaukee area. they were priced at 34.99, go figure.

Here in Orange COunty, CA…no such deal…50pks = 39.99.

out of stock in southern calif

I called around and they are 19.99 in the twin cities…

No such deal here in the Inland Empire. Just left the BB in SanBernardino,

Still 39.99 at the BB in Lithonia, GA. Haven’t tried any of the other stores (Tucker, Stone Mtn., Morrow, Duluth, Dunwoody).

I think only about 2 stores in the country had that sale. Maybe down the road a little but not now. At 10.99 for 50 8x Verbs I would buy a whole skid.

My best buy is selling these 50 packs at $14.99. I guess that’s a warm deal but not hot.

yah, I will be all over these if they drop to the right price.
AND they were nice enought to give me 1000 line of credit, hah.

is it too much to ask for these corporate chains to be consistant when we are trying to get a deal on the good media?

no sale here. i have to check again tomorrow.

No luck here in Texas. They has the 16x that were advertised but everything else was full price. They did have one pack that I found rather funny though. an opened 50 pack of 2.4x that was reduced from 100$ to 50$. I had them check it and it was actually still in their computer for 100$!

I just went to BB to get the TDK deal I seen in another thread. Didn’t find the TDK Deal but I did find the Verbatim. Cool thing for me is the 50Pck was sold to me for $6.99. It was marked on the shelf as being 34.99 but I took it to the register and it rang up @ $6.99