Verbatim 8X DVD-R 100 @ $24.99 AR at newegg

Another Verbatim deal at newegg here after $25 rebate.

When they have the MCC-003 on sale I’ll buy some more. Thanks for the head-up though.

That is one nasty rebate. I never got these MCC 02RG20s to burn a level PIE scan. Everything I burn them on either has a peak at the start or at the end.

I would also go for the MCC 003s if I were buying more Verbatim.

Nice price though, good catch.

Look at their crazy Ritek pricing! 16X is $1 more than 8X and you get a free $15 package of Ritek CDRs.

That not exactlly abnormal pricing for newegg. Remember them having the benq1620 retail version with 25 free dvd’s and 25 free cd’s for less than the oem version alone? They always have stuff like that and of course wildly fluctuating prices that seem to change every few hours (maybe not that often but prices are constantlly changing around on a lot of stuff).