Verbatim 8x DVD Printables Don't Seem To Dry?


First of all, this is a great forum! TIA!

I just bought an Epson R380 which I am very happy with. It’s been solid on all DVDs so far. My problem is that when I print on the Verbatim 8x Printable DVDs they look great but don’t seem to dry…ever. I also noticed that I tried to stick a post-it note on one of them and they fall off?! I don’t put post-its on my DVDs anymore because my Ridata printables showed the glue when printed on. Anyway, the other day I printed on a Verbatim 8x DVD and let it sit out in the air for 4 days. I held the DVD in my hand and dotted my finger on it and you could see my finger print and some of the ink on my finger. What the hell is that!!! I am in dire straits here because I don’t want to use acrylic spray paint on my DVDs. Can someone recommend a brand of DVD that is awesome at drying after the print and won’t lose the ink that was printed on it? Also, if this Utopian DVD could be water proof after the print that would be perfect.

Please, someone help me out!



Hi MistressDeath, welcome to CDF! Great nick, BTW :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried the printable Verbies myself, so maybe someone can come up with a few suggestions there.

If you’re prepared to buy online (and tell us where you’re located), there are Taiyo Yuden Watershield Printable discs available :slight_smile:

This is not an uncommon complaint with the Epson printers, and it’s due to the ink you are using. I’m not an Epson expert, so I can’t tell you what to do about it. But I do know I’ve seen several reports of this with a specific type of Epson ink. You should also try using different print settings and see if you can apply less ink.

Thanks, the nick is for Lady Death but it is always taken. I thought I would make up my own :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, when I get the chance I will pick up some Taiyo Yuden Watershield Printable DVDs. Thanks again!


Oh noooo, that is terrible! Do you know what kind of ink I should look for? Where to buy it cheap?



No problem :)…by most accounts, the TY Watershields are very nice.

CDan’s ink advice is actually handy for me as well, since I just got an Epson R265 :wink:

I suggest doing some searches for similar problems. As I recall, it can be related to one particular Epson print setting and/or specific inks. If memory serves me correctly, (and it rarely does), it some “water-proof” type setting or ink that basically just lays down too much ink.

Does anyone know what setting to choose so that my R380 doesn’t use so much ink? I printed on photo instead of best photo and it still does not dry after 48 hours :(. Is there another area I can choose so it doesn’t use so much ink? What about the Fine, Normal, fast econony or economy? I don’t want to have poor quality just so my dvds dry. When I was using labels I never had this problem. Why are the labels on the printable dvds so different?



Maybe it’s the combination of new Claria inks with old 8x Verbs (could the print surface have become less absorbant over time?). Get some new 16x Verbatims and if that still doesn’t help, try compatible cartridges with generic ink. Standard “Photo” setting should be fine. :slight_smile:

I have no problems with my RX580. I have been using Benq 8X Printables with great Success.

I’ve never had any problem printing on any brand of disk using either original Epson or the few aftermarket inks I’ve tried. I just started on a CIS in my R200, and it’s doing fine on everything I’ve run through it.

I suspect you got a bad batch of Verbs, or a bad batch of ink.

Why are you so opposed to spray-sealing your disks? It’s cheap, easy, & effective, and it allows you to get the finish type that you want without paying extra for the disks up front. I use only Patricia Nimock’s from Wal-Mart for ~$4/can, and I haven’t emptied the first pair of cans yet (1 matte, 1 gloss) on a few hundred disks.


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