Verbatim 8x Discs at Amazon

I am really interested in these. For anyone who has ordered these in the past. What do the tops of the discs look like? Are they refelctive silver, matt silver, white, etc…


Heres the link

I have a 50 pk of these and they are MCC 002 which are very good and can burn up to 12x.


There are several good things about these disks-

  1. They are only $30 after $30 Mail In Rebate-

  2. You can get them in either +R’s or -R’s for the same price/deal-

  3. They have the matt silver tops

  4. I got my rebate in like 3 weeks after sending it in-

  5. It is very good media-


Can you print on these? I have an Epson R200 CD/DVD printer.


sounds like your amazon rebate went more smoothly than mine via supermediastore. They use and those idiots tried to screw me (and others) out of my rebates. They said my UPC didn’t qualify for the rebate. Called them up and they would qualify it over the phone “one time only” and made it seem like I didn’t do something correctly :a They also tried to say they didn’t have my other rebate so I had to fax over my copies.

Rebate seekers beware :frowning: