Verbatim 8x +/-, 50 for 19.99 at best buy tomorow

Starting tomorow, best buy will have verbatium 50 packs on sale for 19.99 again. They will also have tdk 25 packs for 9.99 again.

Does anyone who have purchased these discs from BBY can share their experience on the media code of these discs? From a quick scan on videohelp, it seems that unless the color of the discs are pastel, they are most likely the MCC003 and made in Taiwan. Can anyone confirm what they ahve received in their puchase? YUDEN000T02, MCC003 or MCC004 discs? Also, are MCC004 discs also made in Taiwan or are these made in Japan?


Hope the 16X ones will be this cheap soon. I am done buying any more 8X DVD-R’s for now. :slight_smile:

I might pick some +Rs up, does anyone know if there worth a $hit? I have enough blanks to get me till next week, if you guys think that Fuji or TDK +Rs will be on sale again then.

Verbatim 8x DVD+R for sale in the US/Canada is always MCC003, whether branded, unbranded shiny silver or inkjet printable. MCC004 is made in Taiwan by CMC Magnetics (no Prodisc-made MCC004 has shown up so far). MCC003 could be made by CMC or Prodisc (the cakeboxes give it away; my local BB used to only have CMC-made but today all the MCC003 spindles are Prodisc-made).

ok: some one help me out. which mcc03 are better cmc or prodisc? and how do u tell them apart? thanks.

All of the Verbatim 8x media at my Best Buy is all MIT. I think I’ll pass on this and wait for Fuji to go on sale again.

fyi. tdk is on sale 4 same price @ bb. $9.99 for 25 pc cake box. may as well get the mij ty’s that way. i’m just thinkin, why would i buy cmc mcc (for $.40) a disc when i can get the teon mcc for $.13 a disc. if i’m payin $.40 i may as well get ty.

I’m pretty sure all of the Verbatim 8x media period is MIT…

I wouldn’t nessasarilly consider mcc003 the same as cmc. Just because they are made by cmc doesn’t mean they will be the same quality as cmc media code stuff. They are using a mitsubishi dye and are following mitsubishi’s production methods, standards and quality control. while I wouldn’t have any problem using cmcmage01 (as it uses philips dye and seems to be decent), just my personal opinion, the mcc003 is beter.

@cmisenko, I would agree that were it cmcmage01 you would be just as well to get teon (fyi where are you getting 8x teon for 13 cents a disk). Thier is also some cheapo stuff that circuit city has been running for 7$ per 25 that is suposed to be cmc. I havent tried any yet though.

@djmind, mcc003 is very good media. If you prefer tdk it is on sale for the same price at the same place.

@dtog, if you want mcc004, keep an eye on bestbuy (or maybe it was circuit city, they are a block away from each other here so I get them mixed up). They have ran them for 12.99 per 25 (not the greatest price but not too bad for 16x media). !6x media does seem to be dropping in price some (though 8x is droping even more).

@atseng, not sure where you are but pastels are not avalable in the US.

@everybody. I have intended to post things like this in the past but I’m lasy. I live in Irving (outside of Dallas, TX) and the local newspaper has an early sunday edition that comes out on saturday morning. It has the sunday adds in it (compusa, office max, office depot, staples, circuit city, best buy etc.) so I can get them a day early. I usally buy one to see whats on sale. Would it be of benifit to any of you for me to post some of the dvd deals on saturday (if I can remember and not be to lasy to do it)?

YES! :iagree: :iagree:

hey two_degrees: thnks for link 2 info on discs. i couldn’t find that even when i searched for it.

ripit: with regards to the mcc003. its the teons that staples sells. bottom line is they sell these things for $5.00 for 40. if you look for the cake boxes with 1 white ring on top thats mcc003. i have posted my kprobes in the benq media forum with these discs. i must say the burn qulity is second to my sony ty’s (seems as if i get better burns with the sony as opposed to the fuji). i don’t think i’ll be buying fuji ty’s if i can get other brands. last cake box was shite. i do want to try some tdk ty’s.

It probably wont do any good to post for this week (the adds should be online soon as it is almost sunday but here is a few. 256mg geek squad jump drive29.99-10 rebate + 20$ best buy
Kingston 256mb data travler (jump drive)40$ (22.99 after rebates) circuit city
Office max
khypermedia/value disk 8x 10$ per 25, 20$ per 50
hp 8x+r 10$ per 25, 18$ per 50
memorex (barf, retch, vomit, puke, go into convultions fro the quality) 20$ per 50
Office depot, memorex dvd 10 per 25 (see above)
sony 312838/312837 dvd +/-r, 20$ per 50 (d11 is alright media)
sony dvd-/+rw 18$ per 25
I didn’t put a lot of effort into it this time cause within an hour or two they will be online (just glanced quick instead of trying to decide what was good or wanted). I’ll try a little harder next time.
Fyi I have a few hundred cd-r’s and a few hundred cd-rw’s which at my current rate of consumption is about a 200 year supply. I havent bought cd’s in a couple of years I think. Still, if you guys want, I can post the cd sales too (though I may not know what is good). I can post other stuff too (any really good deals plus whatever you ask for). I’ll keep an eye out for stuff that is video/audio related burners, drives, capture etc.

They sell them for 5$ per 40 when on sale, or all the time? I’m going to have to pay more attention to staples. I had thought that teon was only cmcmage01/cmcmagae1. I would jump really fucking quick to get some mcc003 for that price!!!
When you say that they are second to your sony ty’s, you mean that they are very good but not quite as good right(I’ll have to look for your scans)?

no second as in sweeeeet… staples usually doesn’t stock the teons. they only bring them in 4 sales. the last one was $14.00 out the door for 40. $9.00 sleazy rebate. which i must say is as good as cash as far as i’m concerned. fill out rebate online. nothin 2 mail in. chcks in your hand in minutes. the sale b 4 that was for the 20 pack. they were dirt cheap too. i buy these teons 4 my kids and friends to make copies, but quality of burn is great.

Is it sold at a similar pricing at Bestbuy Canada too? :frowning:

the teons sold for $2.59/40 r something similar on black friday. the $5 was recently but not sure how recently. mine are always cmce01 which burn nicely at 12x on my 3500 and 8x in my 2500’s

Memorex 8X DVD-R is CMC MAG AE1. PX-712A and ND-3520 burn this media very well at 6X.
Of course, it is better to wait for Staples to run the special on Sony 8X DVD±Rs as those burn better at their rated speed.

Memorex 8x might be cmcmagae1…It could also be fuji, ritek, mcc, prodisk (thats just for the 8x+r)…
I have no problems with cmc mag ae1 (ae1 and e01 use phillips dye and the e01 at leas has proven to be decent???
The problem with memorex ixs you have no idea what you will get???Memrex has used some of the best medias avalable, and some of the worst, just try and figure out what you are buying???
Memorex already has a track record… Even within a single spindle, yo0u may get as many as 3 diffrent media codes…
I’ll let you learn about memorex yourself if you like???