Verbatim 8.5GB DVD+R DL 10 Pack $16.99

New Egg has a 10 pack Verbatim 8.5GB 2.4X DVD+R DL for $24.99 and a $8.00 rebate. Free shipping too.

Great deal if you do not mind rebates. I personnaly have not had any problems with New Egg rebates.




Nice find. Not sure if I want to deal with the MIR but good to know that the option is out there.

How do the 2.4x compare to the 8x Verbs?

Unless you are burning them at 8x, they are every bit as good. Honestly I prefer them because they burn well at 6x on my 109 and on average they cost $3 per disc less. AR it is even more of a difference on this one. Too much of a price gap for me to justify anything but the 2.4x discs at this point.

It’s not a Newegg rebate but rather a manufacturers rebate that gets mailed to Verbatim’s rebate center in Florida. I think the chances of getting the rebate are better by going to Verbatim rather than those rebate clearence houses.
It’s a good deal considering the free shipping and no tax, only additional cost is the 39 cents postage for the rebate.

Personaly the only rebates I now would ever use are those that are submitted online using your sales receipt ID #. Here you have instant proof it was submitted properly and can track it. The last two I submitted were paid in about 7 weeks or less.

If you want to avoid rebates microcenter has them for 19.99$ for 10, normal price…not sure what shipping is though because I live near one :flower:

I think several other stores have them on sale for $20. The sales are getting to be pretty regular now.

Yeah, the Tustin (CA) MicroCenter has a huge (at least 150) rack of 'em for $20 as the defacto price now. I always pick up 2-3 packs when I’m in there. Still amazes me how they’re gouging people at the list price if they can still sell 'em so highly discounted and still turn a profit.

Starting tomorow, bestbuy will have them, 20 for 40$.

Nice. :iagree:

That’s a great deal , too bad for us it’s Usa … here they go for 31.95 cdn plus shipping

Wow, great find. I’ve never tried DL, but these might tip me over the edge…

Thanks for the heads up!

thanks ripit…i just picked up 2 spindles yesterday. they look so pretty in 20pks.