Verbatim 8.5GB 8x DVD+R DL White Inkjet Printable 20 Pack Cake Box Disc

Has anyone purchased this?

Seems like a good deal, even though it’s a MIR.

Haven’t purchased it but that is a VERY good deal after rebate. About $2.20 a disc for 8x Inkjet Printable D/L DVD+R Verbatim is excellent. If the rebate isn’t honored for one reason or another though, you are screwed.

At the risk of sounding like an idiot, what’s the difference between “White Inkjet Printable” and the regular type DVD+R DL Verbatim’s?

Inkjet printables can be printed on by an inkjet printer like an Epson R200, R300, etc…

Checkout the printer specs and pics and you’ll understand what’s going on. It’s how I label all my discs and would recommened it to anyone.

I wish they had that deal a few weeks ago, I just bought a twenty pack from for regular price.

The answer to your question is right in the quotations you put “White Inkjet Printable” :doh:

I couldn’t resist just ordered another 20 pack even though I probably don’t need it :o

Ok, so this only applies to labelling the DVD then? I’m not really concerned with that, I just write the title on mine with a magic marker. I’m assuming that these DVD’s can be burned in the same fashion as regular Verbatim’s?

Yup burning is the same.

Thanks for posting, my friend wanted some dvd+r dl discs, at less than $2 a pop AND being inkjet printable, this is perfect!

Either Jesterrace’s math was wrong, or else the price has come down for the final two days of the sale.

Currently $59.99 for 20 - $30 Mail-In Rebate = $29.99 + Free UPS shipping = $1.50 each shipped (plus sales tax if you live in California).

Best price for equivalent speed Verbatim SL media is $0.44, so the premium for DL is only 70% (62 cents) additional for the convenience of having only one disk instead of two (in cases where the data is more than 4.7 GB).

Yes, rebates are always a risk (and some additional work), but this one is explicitly for newegg and Verbatim only, so it seems more reliable to me (newegg has a rebate status tracker).

I’m confused…

Are these 2.4X as shown in the NewEgg description or 8X as claimed in the original post ?


This is the 2.4x rated and the MID will be MKM001.

And recent Pioneer drives will write these at 8x, as will recent NEC burners, and many others. These disks are used in the reviews section (click on REVIEWS on the top line of this page).

Like many other blanks, the rating is simply the reliable speed obtained by tests at the time of release of the product. The implication is that the difference between 2.4x and 8x has been purely in the capabilities of the burners rather than the media (assuming top quality media to begin with, like these Verbatim).

Yabbut I’ve seen 8X Verb MIS(ingapore) +R/DL blanks at Best Buy (at the comprably-expensive price of 5 for $25), so I’m gonna assume there’s some sort of dye change for the “approved” speed.

That being said, I’ve been burning (2.4X) MKM001 at 6X (and probably could have at 8X, but NEC drives report bad values to Linux’ cdrecord) on my NEC 4550A and they’ve played flawlessly in all my players.

Last Day of rebate.