Verbatim 700MB 52X CD-R 50 Pack, $6 after rebate, delivered from Newegg



Decent price and the rebate doesn’t make you choke, plus free shipping.
If anyone knows the media code, let us know.


thanks for the heads up chas!


CMC magnetics


Thanks. Could be worse.


Yo chas0039-

Even without the rebate - this is a very good deal for Verbatim quality-

With the rebate - it is one kicka$$ deal-

Thanks AGAIN Bra-




Was surprised - Newegg shipped these out SUNDAY afternoon!!! These folks never cease to amaze me-

btw - the price is the same - BUT - they have added $4 shipping (I got them when it was free shipping) - oh well - you snooze - you lose-



An even better deal. 50 pack buy one get one free. 52x cdrs. use coupon code DZ4PRD20 to get 20 bucks off a 50 buck order.


The price turns out to be within pennys if you factor in the service charge, but there is no rebate to deal with. The downside is that HP seems to always be CMC so they are bottom of the barrel. Verbatim can be MCC which are top of the heap.



Just got the Verbatim CD-R’s from Newegg-

The code is Ritek 97m15s17f

Which happens to be the same as my TDK’s that are SO damned GOOD!!!

I’m one happy camper to get 50 of these at $6 - AR - shipped!!



I can confirm, these are the GOOD Riteks. We lucked out.


Indeed. I do have to agree with studmonkey though, the deal I posted here:
Is excelent. I ordered 6 and got 6 free. $45 delivered for 600 disks including 8 1/4% NYS and local sales tax. Not too shabby.



Sheesh, Verbatim is using Riteks too? This is getting ridiculous. As far as I know, for the Japanese market all of the Mitsubishi-branded CD media is original MCC/MKM. And in the EU market they still have the Datalife/Datalifeplus distinctions to tell MCC CD media from non-MCC, but for the US/Canada market it’s just a crapshoot. What is going on with Verbatim?!


Thanks for this. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed a lot of CD deals and media tests have all but disappeared. Is it because the quality across manufacturers has standardized, such that there’s no difference between CMC and Taiyo Yuden? Or is it that not many people buy CD-R’s anymore.

Edit: rats, no more free or cheap shipping.